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Friday, June 24, 2022

Guest Post: Dublin City Marathon 2022 or some Autumn Marathon

 ** #DCM22 or some Autumn Marathon **   

128 Days to go to DCM. 18 Weekend Long runs left at most. If you intend walking at some stage or walk / jog then best of luck with that. This advice is for those who stand at the start line and hope to complete the Marathon running. Anything can happen but at least give yourself a chance.

* Where are you in your training program.

June almost over so no time to waste now and get out on the road building the weekly miles. If you are going for it then give it your best shot and don’t have regrets at mile 16 in October and asking yourself why I didn’t do more training for it.

* Running shoes

Have you got a good pair of shoes fit for purpose. If not then go and buy them. You are asking for an injury without proper shoes. It isn’t the 26 miles in Dublin but the 100’s of miles between now and then. 

* Summer 

Hopefully we will get a spell of good weather so be prepared. Runs must still be done, so be ready to be flexible with early or late in the day. Yes you can be tough and run in the heat and the sun but all it will do is eat at your energy and reserves and remember it is not this training run but the next one and the one after to keep in mind.

* Water

You cannot go without lots of fuel. Most of us have reserves of energy strapped to our waist (love-handles) and they are just waiting to be used… But we need water to survive. Yes you can finish your 10mile+ run with no water and you survived. All you did was delayed your recovery by finishing more dehydrated than you should. This will slow down recovery and make the next run even harder. There are many theories and science on this.

PWR version -- 250ml every 5 miles at least. More in hot weather. So a 15ml run. Start with 250ml, 250ml more at 5, 250ml more at 10 and have a 500ml bottle at the finish and drink it.

How do you avoid Toilet Stops?

Drink loads day before. Drink very little before the run and then start sipping once you get going in Mile 1. What goes in will be used.

* Fuel

As you move into higher mileage on the long run it is good to try out ways of refueling the body. You might not need anything for a 12 mile run but now is the time to see what works for you. Gels, Jellies, Bars, Lucozade sweets, energy drinks, Tablets in the water. Loads of options and see what suits you best.

* Weekly long run

Weekly long run is still KEY run as you are training for a LONG RUN of 26miles. Hopefully you are 10+ and totals 20 -25 miles. No panic if not, but get your arse into gear right away. I think you should be somewhere between 10 – 13 miles at least as longest run to date and plan to get to a 14 or 15 once during July. Lots of programs have different ways of doing it and many are successful. I am just giving the PWR opinion.

* Hard / Easy

Not every day can be hard so let yourself do a few easy miles to balance.

Not every day can be easy so push yourself for a few miles to balance.

* Running Buddy 

Good to run with someone else or a group for the longer run. I know some like to run solo for head-space and that is perfect if it suits. Beauty of running with a group is that pace tends to be steadier. If you are having a weak moment then the group will carry on and it is up to you to dig in to hold on. Mile later could be someone else in same position. Agree pace before you start and agree to split along the way if you need to.

* Plan 

Start planning out your weekends and long run distance. These runs are vital and if Social / Domestic / Work / Holidays get in the way then be prepared for that. Take a calendar and write down the long runs and how they all fit in. It might surprise you how few weekends are left when you starting doing 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 20 etc etc

* Help

There is a lot of help online, lots of training plans and ideas and support groups for encouragement. It is a big undertaking in terms of time, commitment and money. Give yourself every chance of succeeding and getting the best out of yourself and the day. Get help if you feel you need it and have someone else minding you to keep you on the right road and to help, encourage and advise. Any questions pls msg.

Have a lovely weekend.


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