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Sunday, June 05, 2022

Weather forecast for the 2022 Cork City Marathon

Sun 5th June 7am:  This is the rainfall radar at about 7am. As you can see, there is plenty of rain but it is currently passing in a band stretching from about Youghal to Waterford City.

Cork City is just outside this band and is currently missing the worst of it.

It looks as if there might be only light showers for the marathon although it is expected that this band of rain may move south down to Cork City after 12 noon.


Update - Sat 4th June 2022... As the long term forecast suggested, high pressure is still the dominant feature of the weather but the problem is that we're on the edge of it and some moist air is moving up from the south over the country.

The contrast for Sunday morning between say Athlone and Cork couldn't be greater. With brighter weather predicted over the north of the country, it looks like it will be damp over Cork.

Some computer models show the chance of rain at 20%, some as shown above are at 26-44%. Whichever model is right, the chance of getting some rain at some stage is high.

On the plus side, the temperature is quite cool at 13 deg C which is good for running. 

There is a light easterly breeze which shouldn't be a factor.


 A few days ago, I looked at the long term 10 day forecast for the 2022 Cork City Marathon. There is a lot of uncertainty from 10 days out but the computer models were suggesting that the weather for the bank holiday weekend would be warm and dry.

Now with 6 days to go, that prediction looks like it's going to be accurate.

The forecast from 6 days out is that it's going to be warm and dry. Great for a Bank Holiday weekend but not great for running a marathon or half-marathon.

Accuracy??? ...If the Jet Stream was down over us and we had a succession of low pressure systems crossing over then there would be a lot of uncertainly from 6 days out about whether a certain front was passing in the morning or evening. 

With high pressure being the dominant feature for the week then things are going to be a lot more settled for the week. For the next few days, things are more likely to be dry and settled and the question is how much sunshine you get on any particular day.

Many of the days for the Cork City Marathon in the past have been hot and clammy and this one looks like it's going to be be one of those.

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