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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Glengarriffe 5k parkrun celebrates its 4th Birthday

The 5k parkrun celebrated its 4th birthday on Saturday the 4th of January 2020 and got a field of over 100 runners.

The numbers per week for all of the events for the four years are shown in the chart above. If we get the average per week and break it down per year then it looks like this...

As you can see, after a dip in 2017 the numbers have recovered and were at an all time high in 2019.

What's interesting about the Glengarriff parkrun is that it isn't centred on a large population centre. There are only a few hundred people living in Glengarriff and it's likely that only a very small percentage of them are runners. It's likely that it attracts runners from a much wider area which probably includes towns like Bantry and Kenmare.

How many other small towns and villages could also hold a free weekly 5k parkrun?

Runners and volunteers at the 4th anniversary of the Glengarriff 5k parkrun

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