Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & photos of the Clonmel Half-Marathon... Sun 26th Aug 2018

Monday, August 27, 2018

Results & photos of the Clonmel Half-Marathon... Sun 26th Aug 2018

There was a record turn out of 783 runners for this years Clonmel Half-Marathon, a jump of amost 15.7% on last year. Looking through the results, a lot of runners from Cork and all parts of Munster made the journey to Clonmel for this half.

Top 5 men & women...
1 Kevin Maunsell     Clonmel AC       1:07:14 SM     535
2 William Stephens     Coolquill AC       1:11:47 SM     906
3 John Shine     Leevale AC       1:13:11 SM     891
4 Rory O Sullivan     St Finbarrs AC       1:14:00 SM     782
5 Jeremy O Donovan     St Finbarrs AC       1:14:08 SM     694
55 Linda Grogan     Dundrum AC       1:28:27 SF     350
70 Jacqueline O Connor     Serpentine RC       1:29:42 SF     672
79 Joan Ennis     Grange Fermoy AC       1:30:24 SF     268
83 Becky Coughlan     Ennis Track Club AC       1:31:39 SF     159
97 Grainne O Callaghan     North Cork AC       1:33:02 SF     659

The full results are HERE

1) Denise and Anthony Power have a gallery HERE
2) Paul Condon Photography has a gallery HERE
3) Susan Parker Laste has a gallery HERE
4) Tipperary Photos have a gallery HERE 

Prize winners...


Anonymous said...

Super race, very well organised and honest course, started on time, great spread, nice medal and tshirt and the finish makes it all worth while. But I'd like to make one observation. A couple of weeks back there was an article about liter after a race and there yesterday they provided everything needed to dispose of your litter correctly BUT I saw runner after runner just discard their bottles or gel wrappers not just on the road but thrown deep into the hedge. Who is going to clean that up? Who is going to find it? Surely if you can carry a full gel with you then it should be easy to carry the empty gel with you to the next water stop. Runners have to start taking responsibility for this and not expect organisation clean up after them. This of course is nothing against the race or the large portion of respectable runners just those idiots who feel just because they are runners they can litter where ever they want.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with the last Comment and it's time that those who are behaving like this learnt to respect Ireland. Leave No Trace Is The Only Policy Worth Having

Liam said...

Whole heartedly agree with all of the comments above..this is a very well organised and managed race. Good value too considering we got a nice draw string bag as well, nice medal and good quality top.
Seconded on the runners disposing of the bottles.. I saw one guy just throw his bottle on the road between two excuses really.and also saw as mentioned someone there a bottle over the hedge..what was the thought process there..!!
Some people are just ignorant I think...

Anonymous said...

Echo those sentiments. Litter is becoming a problem at some races that's just down to runners. Clonmel Ac do everything right in organising, definetly one of the best races around. Pity over 200 plus runners didn't show. I'M SURE if there was a number transfer available the numbers would have been higher on the day.

Anonymous said...

Great race again Clonmel AC, it's turning into one of favorite races!

TJ O'Dwyer said...

I agree completely with the person above - great race but as with every race, litter everywhere. Bins need to be provided throughout the race (following water stops) if you wants them to be used and I don't just mean a stones throw from the water stop. I personally might sip on my water for the next 1/2 mile or so and then want to get rid of the bottle but i have to hold onto it for another 2-3 miles. Just an observation really - space bins out over the course.

Anonymous said...

Agree that the race was well notch in fact and well done to all involved.the bins were too close to the water stations in my opinion.i run a lot of races and its difficult to have bins everywhere ,especially on the course last sunday,i threw to bottles next to a mile marker on the route(other runners had done tje same already),at least it made the tidy up more convenient..again..well done clonmel ac