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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Negative publicity for Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Dublin due to litter

The annual Rock n Roll Half-Marathon in Dublin was held last weekend with a few thousand runners taking part. It wasn't without its problems however as there were a lot of complaints after the event due to the amount of rubbish left discarded on the streets.

The main complaints seem to be the volume of the waste left behind by runners and the lack of an immediate clean up by the organisers.

As you can see above and below, the state of the roads was highlighted by RTE, local journalists and residents.

Some of the comments on social media...

The Strawberry Beds on Dublin’s Liffey Valley is completely destroyed by litter and hundreds of plastic bottles discarded by those who competed in yesterday’s #RnRDublin marathon. Shame on the organisers and those who continue to destroy the environment. #litterbugs #rubbish

It was very sad to that the organisers of the rock and roll half on Sunday left this mess, it's unfortunately another bad review of the race as a whole. I really hope that from reading the comments and other reviews that the organisers take all this on board

Not only was there very little if any prior warning for yesterday's Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon, this is the mess that was left behind as anyone who drove, cycled or walked to Castleknock today will have witnessed. Literally miles of blue plastic bottles being driven over and shattered to pieces so that they will be in the local environment for a very very long time. No doubt the runners would be horrified to know that the thousands of bottles and protein bars they discarded between Castleknock and Chapelizod would be left there.

 It does not say much about the event and it’s sponsors

The clowns that organised the even should have something in place where they clean up after themselves and if they don't they should get a huge fine. They are discussing that they think it's ok to leave a public space like that.


James said...

Being both a Runner and a Hillwalker including some Hillrunning:- The Policy Of Leave No Trace Just Footprints Is The Only Way Forward

Anonymous said...

Sooner events start becoming more environmentally friendly the better for all .