Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Mallow AC 5k training programme...Starts Tues 14th August 2018

Monday, August 13, 2018

Mallow AC 5k training programme...Starts Tues 14th August 2018

Mallow AC are starting a new 5k programme for any runners in the area looking to beat 20 or 25 minutes. See the text below. For more info, contact Shane Simcox by email : shanesimcox30 AT gmail DOT com

From Mallow AC....Are you looking for a challenge for the coming months?

We are running a new programme for those looking to train to run a 5km at either sub 20 minutes or sub 25 minutes...if you want to take the challenge and 'Beat the Clock' read on for more information.

The challenge commences Tuesday 14th August 2018 with registration on Monday 13th August.


Anonymous said...

Good to see a club do something different then just a get around 5k program. More of this is needed. It’s one way of improving standards hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Well done Mallow AC. I understand the comment and agree with the fact that it's a good idea, but not everyone involved in running is interested in faster times and pbs. It will suit some people but it shouldn't be a 'one size fits all' approach. One of the things that can put people off taking up running is the competitive nature of it. I think less people on the couch and more doing the 5k is great, regardless of their times, but it's just my opinion...