Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA Musgraves 5k race... Wed 15th Aug 2018

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA Musgraves 5k race... Wed 15th Aug 2018

Over the last fortnight or so, it's been pretty wet for a lot of the evening races and this may have impacted on numbers. However, this one in contrast was held in pretty much ideal conditions as it was nice and dry. A total of 378 runners took part which is down 29.3% on last year which is a pretty large drop considering the weather.

What was also very noticeable with the 8pm start was just how much the light was fading at the end, especially for the slower runners. After a fantastic summer, we are definitely sliding towards the dark evenings.

1 Sean Doyle 00:15:20 Temp Reg
2 Nate Hayward 00:15:44 Temp Reg
3 Enda Cloake M1 00:15:45 Navy
48 Breda Gaffney 0/45J F1 00:18:57 Dept 0f Social Protection
62 Sharon Rynne 00:19:30 Temp Reg
64 Lorna Wolfe F2 00:19:34 Joyce Wolfe Physiotherapy F-A-1

Full results

1) There are two albums up on the Running in Cork Facebook page (quality isn't great due to poor light).
...a) First lap
...b) Second lap


Anonymous said...

RESULTS WATCH.... M065... 2 competitors, 1st and 2nd awarded; M070... 6 competitors, 1st only!

Donal said...

Please bring this to the attention of the Cork BHAA committee. Valid point as the racing population is getting older and still racing which is great. However, races still need to wash their own faces and with lower entries overall this is getting more difficult.