Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the Togher 5k road race...Sun 31st Dec 2017

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Results & Photos of the Togher 5k road race...Sun 31st Dec 2017

The Togher 5k road race was the final race of of 2017 and it ended on a high with a record 575 finishers, up a whopping 33% on last year.

As can be seen from the graphic above, this was the 5th year of this race and the growth has been impressive for the last two year.

I kind of noticed that the post I had up on the site for the race got several thousand views over the last month but I certainly didn't expect anything like 33%. What's even more remarkable was that the weather was awful for the race. If it had been a nice sunny dry day then the numbers could have been even higher.

1 David Fox     SM         15:56
2 Eric Curran     SM         16:07
3 Mark Walsh     SM         16:14
17 Aoife Cooke     SF         17:14
23 Anna Reddin     SF         17:27
30 Siobhra O Flaherty     F40         17:47

Full results

1) There are several hundred photos up on the Running in Cork Facebook page.
...a) Prizes
...b) Start
...c) Finish Line (Sub 23:30)
...d) Finish Line (23:30 plus)


Brian Ahern said...

Well done Togher. Well organised and well stewarded race. Twisty but good course. Pre reg was very easy, plenty parking, great goodie bag, good cause. Majority of boxes ticked. Constructive criticism here if you are having pacers its important they are disciplined and run to the clock and not take off on their own pace. I cant speak for all but seeing a pacer way ahead of me when I was already 35secs ahead of the time was alarming. Didnt feel it my place to shout after him but he defo cut off his group by being 50secs up turning at 4k. Again this is constructive as most 5ks dont have pacers in the first place. As a point I wasnt running or relying on pacer. Well done Togher AC...very good event.

Anonymous said...

Good race, well organised couldn't help the weather. One small gripe start was delayed by about 4 mins. Long time standing around in the rain. Seen a few runners pull up with injuries, this may have contributed.

Great cause and great goodie bag. Well done Togher.

Colette said...

Well done to everyone involved in the Togher 5k. Weather was crap but that seemed to be part of the course this week for all the races that were on for the Christmas . Great top and goody bags were quiet good. Best i have seen in a long time . Great support out considering the weather. Good course lots of ups and downs and twists but a worthy cause. only negative point queing for the bottle of water at the finish . Other than that all was good and a very enjoyable race. Be back next year.

Anonymous said...

Well done Togher AC to a well-organised 5k, loved the goodie bag, the running top, a bit big but love the colour. Pity about the weather but at the end of the day a great cause and it's so good to have a run in the City for a change. Hugh congrats again.. Mile Buiochas

Unknown said...

Hi Brian. Many thanks for supporting the event yesterday. I was the sub 20 minute pacer you are referring to. In my view, that makes me responsible for anyone running in the 19 to 20 minute range. I quite deliberately ran just under 3:50km pace for the first 4k which gave me that 50 second cushion for the last k. I advised runners around me throughout that this was my strategy. I told some to keep my balloon in their sights and focus on it if they were feeling tired, I advised others to push on and get under 19. One girl ran 18:56 and I was personally thrilled about that. In that last k I used the cushion to drive as many runners as I could under the 20 minute barrier. There was lots to be done in that last k. I slowed my pace and as runners passed me by I advised them pump arms, lift knees, keep it going, drive to the finish, drop shoulders, latch on to the runner ahead etc. I doubled back for one large group and carried one guy who had stopped just before the finish line over it as the clock struck 19:57. I was happy with how it went. The reality of running and racing is that very few of us run perfectly even splits in races and certainly not on undulating, twisty courses. In any case, that's just my view of the pacing gig and that's how I approach it. As you say, you weren't relying on me so hopefully I didn't effect your race adversely. Once again, many thanks for supporting the event and hopefully we will see you again next year.

Geraldine Kirwan said...

Fantastic well organised race Togher Ac,ye all should be so proud of your club. For a 5 km race,what can I say wasn't expecting such a great goodie bag,long sleeved t shirt and
the presence of pacers. In addition the 25 min pacer was great,endless words of encouragement, he got many of us under the 25 min mark and I would like to add my appreciation to all the pacers who volunteer their expertise and time. At the end of day,there was a great sense community spirit,I loved the way the youth members from the club were involved in the pre- registration,after all it is about inspiring the future generations and promoting mental health!Well done again!

Brian Ahern said...

Fair play for responding and I respect your view. All different and im sure you pushed a lot on to better times than what they expected. My point was to be constructive and I say a very good race all round.