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Monday, December 04, 2017

Irish athlete Paul Robinson runs 4:17 mile in Antarctica

Paul Robinson is one of the fastest Irish runners over the mile distance with a personal best of 3min 54.77sec. Recently, he was part of a project to set a new mile record on the continent of Antarctica which he did in 4min 17.9sec in minus 20 deg C!

After the run, he said...“I definitely think I could go faster but it would need a very groomed, hard surface that just didn’t absorb your energy. On the snow, that’s going to be very hard to do.
In perfect conditions, running a sub-four minute mile is still a great achievement. There are very few athletes who have actually done it on a track. I know how hard it is when conditions are ideal so I knew there was no chance running [a sub-four minute mile] on snow. But I gave it my best effort, and I’m proud of getting anywhere close to four minutes, especially as I was slipping and sliding and even thought I was going to fall over at one stage.”

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