Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Ballinacurra 4 mile run...Sun 3rd Dec 2017

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Results of the Ballinacurra 4 mile run...Sun 3rd Dec 2017

This 4 miler got a small turnout of just 69 people on Sun 3rd Dec 2017. Unusually for such a small event, it was chip timed as well.

1 Kevin O'BRIEN    20:36  M (1)    MS (1)    East Cork AC
2 Nigel SHEEHAN   22:45 M (2)    MS (2)    Youghal AC
4 Denis KELLEHER    25:07  M (3)    M50 (1)   
3 Fiona SANTRY   23:30 F (1)    FS (1)    East Cork AC
9 Andrea MCNAMARA  27:11   F (2)    FS (2)    Sport World
11 Sheila BUCKLEY  28:05  F (3)    FS (3)    Midleton AC

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Anonymous said...

Poor numbers due to wrong date choice with Waterford half on the day before.

Anonymous said...

Like every race/run/walk you can only present an event. Paying for advertising and massive prizes are not always possible. I hope they can go again for 2018. The race director was very honest with his findings at the end.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see any advertising for this event. Pity would have loved to go.

Unknown said...

Hi All,

I was the RD yesterday. In relation to the Waterford half, we had a take it or leave it decision to make and we went with it. The numbers were hit and miss no matter what we did at this time of year. I completed the WHM but wasn't able to run yesterday as I was on duty.

Advertising - we couldn't afford it and we had tight deadlines, but this was contained in my feedback to the race committee. We did contact nearly every club on their FB pages.

The race will go ahead next year, but I doubt I will be RD again. All feedback is welcome positive or negative, The neutral we can try turn to positive next year.

Anonymous said...

Fair play Killian for an honest summary. I hope it gets better support next year. It seems local support was good but maybe some of the other east cork clubs were absent which is disappointing