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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Physical Education to be introduced as a Leaving Certificate subject

It was announced recently that Physical Education is to be introduced as a Leaving Certificate subject in Ireland. Initially it will be rolled out in about 50 schools from September of 2018 with the intention that there will be exams for it in the leaving certificate in the future.

The course will cover a number of sports and there is also an athletics module included...

In a world dominated by GAA, Soccer and Rugby, this may well be the first time any teenager has been exposed to athletics.

The course does of course cover a lot of other sports and covers much more than just physical activity.

Strand 1: Towards optimum performance...
Topic 1: Learning and improving skill and technique
Topic 2: Physical and psychological demands of performance
Topic 3: Structures, strategies, roles and conventions
Topic 4: Planning for optimum performance

Strand 2: Contemporary issues in physical activity
Topic 5: Promoting physical activity
Topic 6: Ethics and fair play
Topic 7: Physical activity and inclusion
Topic 8: Technology, media and sport
Topic 9: Gender and physical activity
Topic 10: Business and enterprise in physical activity and sport, Physical activity areas, Adventure activities, Aquatics, Artistic and aesthetic movement, Athletics, Games, Personal exercise and fitness activities

Sport is now a big business and a lot of people work in the industry. It's conceivable that at some future date, this leaving cert course will be a prerequisite to get into certain 3rd level courses and jobs.

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Anonymous said...

It's a great idea. I am sure it will help those considering a career in sports.

Anonymous said...

Serious shortage of athletics tracks in this country. More needs to be spent on facilities. When you see the sports grants giving out €33m to Gaa and 900k to athletics it shows that something is far wrong. Young people can't do something if facilities aren't available. How many top class athletes are lost, id love to see what Jack McCaffrey or Mark McHugh times would be in the 800m.