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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Some stats...Dublin Marathon V New York Marathon

In the last two weeks, we've had the Dublin and New York City marathons and it's interesting to compare some of the stats.

The 2017 New York City Marathon had a whopping 50,770 finishers this year. Dublin had about a third as much with 15,892.

In Dublin, 5,106 women crossed the finish line which was 32.7% of the field. As Irish marathons go, that's about normal. In New York, the percentage of women was much higher at 41.5%.

The chart below shows the breakdown of finishers in the New York City Marathon by age and gender. One thing that stands out is the high numbers of women under the age of 30. While there is no exact breakdown like this for the Dublin marathon, I suspect it may not be as high.

Barry Smyth of UCD has put together some stats of his own for the 2017 Dublin City HERE.

Some key points for the 2017 Dublin Marathon...
1) Some 4,000 people of the 20,000 total registered did not turn up or finish the Dublin Marathon. That represents 20%.

2) Approx 60% of the finishers are between the ages of 35–49. No big suprise there and on par with other events.

3) Looking at the chart on that site, the average finish time is roughly 4:00 to 4:05 for men and 4:20 to 4:25 for women. In New York, the average finish time for men is 4:25:14 and for women, it's 4:53:00. In other words, the finishing times in Dublin are about 20-25 mins faster.

Why? Congestion might be partially to blame or maybe the course is harder. I suspect though that a big reason is that the average American runner is just slower.

4) In Barry's stats, he found that club runners were roughly about 15 mins faster than non-club. That's probably no great suprise as you'd expect club runners to be a bit more serious about training.

There are plenty of other stats on that site so it's worth a look.

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