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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Results & Photos of the Run in the Dark 5k & 10k in Cork City...Wed 15th Nov 2017

Almost 1700 runners took part in the annual Run in the Dark race in Cork City on Wed 15th Nov 2017. It way pretty amazing to see what was a river of people running through the narrow streets of Cork City. The compact course also led to problems with lapping and congestion for the faster runners but it's hard to close roads in the heart of a busy city.

1    All Ages    Pat O' CONNOR (10863)    00:37:42
2    All Ages    Trevor CUMMINS (11117)    00:38:35
3    All Ages    John O' MAHONY (9223)    00:39:05
1    All Ages    Sabine KRIEBEL (11009)    00:42:25
2    All Ages    Kealey TIDESWELL (10810)    00:43:41
3    All Ages    Mary KELLEHER (9580)    00:43:28

10k results HERE

1    All Ages    Pablo GARCÝA PAREDES (11031)    00:17:38
2    All Ages    John HEAPHY (10701)    00:18:09
3    All Ages    John MORRIN (10024)    00:18:14
1    All Ages    Katie HICKSON (10903)    00:19:20
2    All Ages    Louise LONG (11011)    00:19:33
3    All Ages    Niamh WALSH (9723)    00:20:13

5k results HERE

1) There are a small number of photos on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE
2) The Evening Echo has an article and video HERE 

1 comment:

Jason said...

Would I be correct in saying that they make you run an extra 200m down Patrick Street to the finish line on top of the 5km.

My watch time from start to finish was 21.51 but the official finish time was over a minute faster. When I look at the splits on the results page they have a finish time and finish/backup time. The finish/backup time is in line with the watch. The first finish time was probably recorded around the grand parade. Making the sprint finish absolutely pointless.