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Friday, November 17, 2017

Transfers for the Waterofrd Half-Marathon

The Waterford Half-Marathon is coming up on Saturday the 2nd of December and it sold out a few weeks back. However, they will allow transfers up until the 28th of November.

Someone contacted me looking for a transfer. If anyone isn't going then let me know and I'll pass on your details. Mail johndesmond247 AT gmail DOT com

Update : Sat 18th Nov @6:17pm
1) The original person has got an entry now.
2) Two more on offer however. Send me a mail to get the details....Gone

A few people have offered their entries and I have passed there on to people looking. If anyone wants to transfer their entry, let me know.

Note...."Transfers after the 15th will result in the race pack going to the original participant so if you are transferring your number between the 16th and 28th you will need to arrange to pass the race pack on also. "

Transfer Link


Anonymous said...

Fair play to them for allowing transfers, Pity Dublin marathon didn't have this facility. 4,000 No shows on the day. Hopefully Dungarven follow suit, I know of 3 already that's signed up and have no intention of running.

Anonymous said...

if dublin marathon charged a 10 extra to transfer for no shows it would have been a handy 40 grand for them and no real cost to them either,