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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ballincollig Regional Park closed for at least a week

Cork County Council announced yesterday that the Regional Park in Ballincollig is likely to be closed for at least a week. This will obviously impact on the 5k parkrun next Saturday, the 21st of October.

Update Thurs 19th Oct 2017 : The parkrun on the 21st of October is definitely cancelled. However, work has begun on clearing the trees.

There are at least 60 fallen trees in the park due to ex-Hurricane Ophelia which is pretty amazing considering it is in valley. It will obviously take Council staff some time to remove all fallen trees and other potentially dangerous branches.

Regional Park staff have asked members of the public to respect the closure notices until it is opened again. They issued the following on Facebook......."Park is closed for a reason. It will be for a few days. Obviously all tree care specialists are currently clearing roads 1st as higher priority to ensure public safety of those whom have to travel on them. Trying to tell people to stay out already grief from them. We are trying to stop you being injured even if you don't have self preservation in mind.
Broken tree limbs dangling over paths."

Over 90,000 households in Cork suffered a power supply loss storm Ophelia. Obviously council staff with tree cutting equipment will be busy working on roads around the county over the next week.

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John Kissane said...

Just to confirm that the parkrun in Ballincollig is cancelled on Sat 21st as the park hasn't been deemed safe by the council.