Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Photos of the Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile race...Sun 1st Oct 2017

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Photos of the Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile race...Sun 1st Oct 2017

A total of 745 runners turned out for this years Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race. As can be seen from the chart above, this is pretty much in line with the average of about 750 for the last 10 years.

1 Colin Merritt 0/45B M1 01:23:13 Army
2 Mark Smith M2 01:25:10
3 Michael Corbett 0/40A M3 01:25:18 Musgrave
9 Clare McCarthy 0/40I F1 01:30:09 APEX
69 Sinead Paley 0/45J F2 01:43:10 Bumbleance
80 Ellen Hanley 0/40I F3 01:44:46 Avondhu MF

The full results can be seen HERE

Claire McCarthy...first woman home

Photos...(Updated Mon 2nd Oct 11:42pm)
1) There will be 3 albums up on the Running in Cork Facebook page
...a) Album 1 of 3...approx 150 pics.
...b) Album 2 of 3...approx 150 pics
...c) Album 3 of 3...approx 150 pics
2) Andy O'Rourke Photography has 4 albums with roughly 40 pics in each one.
...Album 1 ... Album 2 ... Album 3 ... Album 4 ...
3) Michael Buckley has a gallery HERE
4) Susan Parker Laste has a gallery HERE 
5) Anthony Power has a small gallery HERE


Anonymous said...

Well done BHAA, another well run Cork2Cobh. Great support considering the length of the race and really good respect shown to runners at traffic hot spots like Cobh Cross which looked like a nightmare to manage.

The finish in Cobh is one of my favourites and no exception this year. Nice t-shirt and lovely atmosphere.

And all for €15.

Anonymous said...

Well done to everyone involved yesterday great race to judge your progress when training for Dublin marathon in a few weeks. Just a couple of comments from yesterday to make the race even better going forward.
1. The start of the race was a bit chaotic with no toilet facilities available anywhere near the start and cars trying to get through the crowd very near to when the race was starting.
2. Not enough water available on the route plus plastic cups of water are not working. There should be bottles of water at each station plus considering an additional water station.

Well done again to the volunteers who helped in running the race yesterday.

Cecil said...

I am open to correction but apparently the National Road Authority would not allow plastic bottles to be given out

Anonymous said...

Well done again to the BHAA for organizing a great race yesterday. Just one query. Why do some runners feel the need to run with their children as they approach the end of the race? They may not be concerned with their finishing time but the runner after them may be trying to get a pb and can be hindered by the sudden presence of children. This isn't a reflection of the volunteers who, as always, do a fantastic job at the races.

Anonymous said...

Which is more important, a PB or possibly inspiring the people of the future?

Unknown said...

A PB is more important

Anonymous said...

Come on Lehanealan , think of the bigger picture buddy. Obesity levels at epidemic levels , no harm giving the kids a taster. Anyways its not like the "faster" guys are doing it?
Ronald , Carrigaline RR

Anonymous said...

Whilst agreeing it was a great race and well organised I think it was very bad that there were no portaloos near the start or along the route. It should no have been too difficult to organise this. After all entry fee was 15euro and we girls need our loos more than the boys.

Secondly there was a group of about twenty runners four and five abreast on the Cobh road forcing everyone who wanted to pass them over to the right hand side of the road into the line of oncoming traffic also forcing cars to cross over. This was ignorent and selfish behaviour and could have easily caused an accident. Some people have no cop on. The photos are online to see what I am talking about.

darc1 said...

A pb is definitely more important,that's why you run 15 miles!!!

Anonymous said...

Like someone said no harm in giving the kids a taster as long as the finish line is not too narrow, busy etc. nobody else should be impeded but to be fair in most cases I've seen parents don't put their kids at risk. Involve them, given the demographic we now see in the sport we need to encourage our kids more then ever.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the original comment about the children. I am not the fastest runner by any means but it means a lot to me to finish the race in a decent time. The momentum is picked up on the final downhill and you then veer left to the finishing line. As I was approaching the finish an adult and toddler were hand in hand going at a very slow pace. To avoid a collision I had to run around them. I agree it is important to inspire the next generation but this was a 15 mile race not a fun run.

Anonymous said...

I know of no other 15 miles races so I'd imagine it'll be a PB either way. If you leave it down to the last 100 yards in a 15 miles race for a PB then it isn't much of a conquest!

Anonymous said...

Was out running on part of them course later that day. Lots of discarded gel wrappers on the course. Could we all try to put them in pockets or dump at a water station rather than throwing them away

Anonymous said...

FYI - Just because you're not 'fast' doesn't mean you're not chasing a time or pb. I'm a slower runner but I chase my times like the rest of them.
I've no problem people running with kids but stick to the edge/ out of the way so those wanting to run don't get caught behind them. At least then everyone can get what they need from the run and enjoy it.