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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Athletics Ireland release club membership stats for the end of Sept 2017

Athletics Ireland have just released the membership stats as of the end of September 2017. As we approach the end of the year, club membership tends to slow down a lot as people just generally wait until January and join for a complete year.

In terms of adult membership in clubs in Cork, Mallow AC are still on top with 226 members. As the chart shows below, some clubs are up year on year, some are steady and some are down.

The chart below shows the medium sized clubs with between 40 and 100 adult members...

One of the big changes in recent years is that more clubs have popped up, especially in more rural areas. Some of these will attract people that would have never joined a club otherwise.

The next one shows the smaller clubs with between 10 and 40 members.

As always, numbers aren't everything. Some clubs like East Cork AC are more involved in the serious side of running and their numbers are small as a result. The charts above just show the relative sizes of each club, not how good or bad they are.

The charts also don't show non-AAI clubs like Happy Feet and the Wibbly Wobbly Wonders who are very successful with their own programmes.

The full figures for all the clubs in the country can be seen on the Athletics Ireland website.


Anonymous said...

Big drops in Roscarbery and Skibbereen?

Anonymous said...

It's great to see such healthy numbers in clubs in Cork.

In my opinion the success of our club is based on respect for athletes of all abilities. We would have some athletes participating for Cork County or at National level. We fully acknowledge their achievements and are proud to have them represent our club.
At the same time recognition and encouragement is given to all other athletes irrespective of their ability who turn up to training and wear the club singlet at local races.
Promoting the club name and living the club culture of fairness, respect and equality is paramount

Jim Tobin said...

Thanks for these Stats John - much appreciated - great to see the interest growing in the more rural parts of the County