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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Many roads and paths blocked after Ex-Hurricane Ophelia

Now 48 hours after the remains of Hurricane Ophelia hit the country, many roads and paths around Cork are still blocked. Outside of Cork City, many large urban population centres were without power for 24-48 hours and it's very likely that it will take several days to get to all the smaller rural areas.

Around Cork City, many trees are down. The photo above shows the old railway path in Blackrock with a fallen tree and electricity wires on the ground. This was taken on Tuesday the 17th of October.

With the weekend coming up, there are a number of events on but it's probably best to check that they are not cancelled before traveling. If you live in Cork City, you may not be fully aware of just how bad it is out in parts of the countryside at the moment.

I'll put up info about events cancelled or going ahead towards the end of the week.

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Anonymous said...

Any idea if the marina/centre park road is passable for cyclists wishing to use the blackrock/mahon/passage line?