Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Looking ahead to the Rebel Run 10k & 5k...Sun 22nd Oct 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017

Looking ahead to the Rebel Run 10k & 5k...Sun 22nd Oct 2017

The big race in Cork this weekend is the Rebel Run 10k & 5k on Sun 22nd of October. At the moment, the course is clear and it's going ahead. Just remember to check on Saturday evening in case any trees have come down to make sure everything is still ok.

Please note that this event has sold out and there are no entries on the day.

Details from Cork Sports Partnership...
All registered participants should now have received their Event Information Pack for this Sunday's Cork Rebel Run by email. If you have not yet received your Event Information Pack, please email and we will resend.

Please note the following Sign In times for this year's Rebel Run Events.
- Friday October 20th 5pm - 7pm
- Saturday October 21st 12pm - 2pm
- Sunday October 22nd 8am - 9am

Sign In will take place in the Track Stand at CIT (Red Brick Building)
Ample Parking is available in CIT car park for Sign In and on the morning of the event. 

More info on the 10k route HERE

5k map HERE

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weerunaz1 said...

Hi Folks
My name is Ed and I will be pacing the 10k race for a sub 60 minute finish.
This means I will be running the race at an even pace of 5:57 minutes per kilometre or in miles that works out at a 9:35 minute mile getting us home in 59mins and 30 seconds.You will be able to spot me at the starting line as I will have a balloon with ‘sub 60’ written on it.
Some of the main reasons people use pacers are as follows
1)So as not to go out too quickly and burn out early on in the race.
2)They wish to break the hour for the first time for a 10k concentrating on running and letting the pacer worry about timing.
3)The pacer knows the course well and can offer advice as to what is coming up how, long is left ,when to push on etc
If you want to run the race and finish exactly within the pacers time start your race either level or just slightly behind me,not in front !,nothing worse than being passed by a pacer.
One last little bit of advice is to be realistic with your time. A rough guide is to take your 5k time double it and then add say 10%.
Have a great race everyone and I’ll see ya’ll Sunday morning.
Best of luck
Ed Fitz