Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Rob Heffernan finishes 6th in Olympic 50k final

Friday, August 19, 2016

Rob Heffernan finishes 6th in Olympic 50k final

Rob Heffernan finished 6th in the final of the 50km race walk in Rio on Friday the 19th of August. At the half way mark, Rob looked as if he might be in the mix for a medal but muscle cramp in the second half forced him out of the back of the leading group.

At first, it looked as if he finished 6th but a Japanese athlete who was in 3rd place was subsequently disqualified after he had been found to obstruct a Canadian competitor. After another appeal, the Japanese athlete was reinstated so Rob was 6th.

The second Irish athlete was Brendan Boyce who finished in 19th position with a time of 3h 53m 59s. This top 20 finish is an improvement on his performance at the London Olympics where he finished in 27th place in a time of 3h 55m 01s.

The third Irish athlete Alex Wright had to pull out after 30km, perhaps a sign that he hadn't fully recovered from the 20k race last weekend.


Jim Tobin said...

Very Proud of Our Irish Walkers

Anonymous said...

That is all changed so needs update.

Jim Tobin said...

We are still Very Proud of Our Irish Walkers competing in those extreme hot humid conditions and doing so Very Well

Anonymous said...

He is still in with a chance for a medal, based on previous Olympic walking races. Never give up!!!

John Desmond said...

This time around, most of the guys in front of him are clean and beyond suspicion....unless the Russians in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Let's not assume everyone is on drugs except the Irish.
We are in enough trouble.