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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Notice...Ballycotton 5 mile road race - Thurs 25th Aug 2016

The Ballycotton 5 mile road race is the last race of four in the Ballycotton Summer Series and it's coming up on evening Thursday, the 25th of August. One thing to note here and it catches people every year........the race starts at 7:30pm

Registration is at the local national school. The distance from the main parking area to the registration is about 800 metres (10 min walk). From the registration area to the start line is about 200 metres. So if you consider parking.....walking to the registration.....the queue to enter.....walk back to the car......walk back to the start........and the 7:30pm start, you can see how people get caught out.

Entries.......If you are under any pressure for time, then get changed first.....carry the entry fee of €6 in your hand.....and go straight to the start line after you register. Please note that it speeds things up a lot if you have the exact entry fee ready. €1 of each entry fee is going to a designated charity.

If you did the first 3 races then you'll find your race number HERE

The overall positions with times after 3 races can be seen HERE

Please note that the race is open to everyone. You do not need to have run in any of the previous races to enter this one. Just turn up with €6.

Post Race...If you have completed all 4 of the summer series......Ballyandreen, Shanagarry, Churchtown South and Ballycotton, you will be given a souvenier plaque.

Back inside the school, there will be tea and biscuits as well as the prize giving. The special series t-shirts for the top 50 men and top 30 women in the overall series will be handed out there.

Preview....More details on the course with maps and photos can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

How long does it take to recover from a 5 mile race? I have a half marathon the first weekend of September (9 or 10 dayslater) and I am just wondering whether I should do the ballycotton race or not. Any information welcome. Thanks.

John Desmond said...

It depends on individuals but you should be fully recovered within a week. 9-10 days will give you loads of time and the 5 mile race may well give you an extra sharpness for the half.