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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

New 5k parkrun to start in Ballincollig

Some good news! A new 5k parkrun is planned for the Ballincollig Regional Park. Following the cancellation of the one in Tramore Valley Park, this is bound to be welcomed by many local runners in or near Cork City.

Obviously once the Ballincollig one becomes established then it will take some of the pressure off the one in Tramore Valley Park whenever it starts up again. I'd expect though that it might take some time before we see that one start up again. It certainly won't be in 2016.

A date of Saturday the 18th of June 2016 has been set for the new parkrun in Ballincollig. 9:30am start.


Colette said...

Yipee great news we most certainly need it .people come out and support it now

D said...

Did a 5k for a local school in the park last week. Went really well. Started at allotment car park with the 3k Michael O'Donovan marked loop done followed by a shorter 2K loop, turning left at the weir this time. Plenty of parking at that time on Saturday with church car park and Lidl one closeby if they are available. Best of luck to all involved.

Anonymous said...

Great news. I hope the council do not have issue with the run like they do at Tramore Valley 5K. Looking fwd to the run already.

Anonymous said...

Great news, but just to note that there is a total of 75 car parking spaces available (for all users of the park, not just the runners.....). It can be very difficult to get a parking space as it is. Hopefully they'll have very clear plans and instructions for runners on where to park (i.e. using the normal car park should not be allowed as I imagine it will put a lot of noses out of joint for the normal/regular park users). An 8.00 start might help but again, the max number of spaces is still 75.

There are approx 275 spaces in the Business Park where Lidl is (and whatever other Businesses use the same car park), so that's a max of 350 runners assuming all car spaces happen to be empty....

If they can re-open Tramore Park at the same time, hopefully that would help to spread the load?