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Monday, May 09, 2016

Results of the Munster Marathon & Half-Marathon Championships...May 2016

The Great Limerick Run doubled up this year as the Munster Marathon and Half-Marathon Championships. This is part of an 3 year arrangement between Munster Athletics and the Great Limerick Organisers. In previous years, the Charleville Half-Marathon was used as the Munster Half-Marathon Championship.

The one negative aspect about this years results are that the team results are for mixed teams. Instead of having proper results with a separate womens section, they just lumped the men and women in together which is a bit of a cop out. It's almost like they couldn't be bothered which will confirm to a lot of people that this championship is more about making money than really caring about a proper competition.

These are the medal winners from Cork...

* Munster Athletics – O40 Womens Marathon Individual Result
3 Helen Sheehan Female 63 F45+ 14 MIDLETON A.C. m 04:15:07

Munster Athletics – Men’s Half Marathon Individual Result
2 Brian Hegarty Male 2 M35+ 2 LEEVALE A.C. M 01:12:24

Munster Athletics – Women’s Half Marathon Individual Resut
1 Aoife Cooke Female 2 FOPEN 2 YOUGHAL AC m 01:19:46
2 Nollaigh ONeill Female 4 F35+ 1 LEEVALE A.C. m 01:21:17

* Munster Athletics – O40 Men’s Half Marathon Individual Result
1 Ronan Boland Male 14 M45+ 2 EAGLE A.C. m 01:20:12
2 Pat O Connor Male 15 M45+ 3 EAGLE A.C. m 01:20:35

* Munster Athletics – O50 Men’s Half Marathon Individual Result
2 Mike McGrath Male 125 M55+ 3 EAGLE A.C. m 01:33:36

* Munster Athletics – O40 Women’s Half Marathon Individual Result
1 Dolores Duffy Female 17 F45+ 3 WATERGRASSHILL A.C. m 01:33:12
3 Lisa Boland Female 77 F45+ 9 EAGLE A.C. m 01:45:38

Munster Half Marathon Championships 
Munster Open Half Marathon
Munster Marathon Championships
Munster Open Marathon

Here are the results from 2015 when it was held in Charleville. Proper results with separate womens teams. Obviously it wasn't making as much money back then.

* Update...Tues 10th May...It would seem as if someone has made a pretty big mistake with the category results. See the graphic below. On the left are the categories as laid out before the race. It states quite clearly...Men Over 40, Men Over 50 and the same for women. On the right, you can see what categories can be searched on the chip timing website. They are broken down on M35, M45, M55...not M40, M50. Munster Athletics have based their M40 results on the M45 positions, the M50 results on the M55 positions and so on. It's the same for the marathon.


Kevin said...

First off well done to all the athletes that competed in the races.

The Great Limerick Run is a money spinner. I think the majority of club athletes were happy with Charleville as the club championship race.
The way the results were put up was disappointing as there should be seperare mens and women's teams .
Just throwing all results in together and not even recording them properly looks like they were just rushed through to keep people happy.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that this event is a money making operation. No charities get a red cent from your entry fee, instead you must tick a box when registering to say you will donate on top of the entry fee.....these events do nothing for athletics as in competition. They try and get as many people walking with dogs buggies and everything in between to sign up. It's about numbers not standards. Let's be honest the national half marathon went the same way when AAI handed over the event to a company rather than running there own event. The Irish sports council should cut funding to AAI until they take back ownership of the event. Why is it that so many clubs are silent on this matter and also the munster half from this year, clubs say nothing when they are at munster athletics meetings. Time the clubs and club athletes took back ownership of this sport.

Clotilde Fitzgibbon said...

Looking at the results there wasn't much competition really! The standard at the Charleville half was much higher! Bring back the championships there where it is run by an athletic Club!!

Anonymous said...

True that! as far as I'm aware North Cork were just informed that the Munster board were moving the championships to the great Limerick run. They weren't even given any reasons why. The route in Charleville is perfect and the race gets better every year. Shame Munster opted to support a commercial race instead of a locally club run event.