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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Results & photos of the Clonakilty Marathon, Half-Marathon & 10k...Sat 6th Dec 2014

The annual Clonakilty marathon was held on Saturday the 6th of Dec 2014. The 3 races were broken down as follows....10k = 758, Half-Marathon = 724 & Marathon = 376. This is down a bit on last year.....(914 / 803 / 385).

The big change this year of course was the out and back nature of the race route as opposed to the old route which turn half and full runners out to places like Rathbarry, Long Strand and the coastline.

1 Killian OCONNOR     Eagle AC    M (36:20)    36:20  
2 Ian DORGAN     St finbarrs     M40    11736    (37:04)    37:04  
3 Tim HARNEDY     M (37:28)    37:28  
20 Margaret MURPHY     Bandon AC    F (40:03)    40:03  
23 Grainne OCALLAGHAN     unattached    F (40:32)    40:33  
24  Anna O NEILL     Doheny A.C. F40 (40:38)    40:38

1 Sergiu CIABANU Clonliffe Harriers A.C. M (1:15:35)    1:15:35   
2 Mark CRONIN St. Finbarrs A.C. M (1:16:40)    1:16:40   
3 Michael MORGAN St Finbarrs Cork    M (1:16:57)    1:16:57   
44 Orla CROSBIE F40 (1:31:48)    1:31:51   
47 Mary SWEENEY St Finbarrs F50 (1:32:06)    1:32:06   
51 Sandra MANNING Eagle AC    F (1:32:48)    1:32:48   

1 Gary O Hanlon     Amphianking M40 (2:29:12)    2:29:12  
2 Raivis ZAKIS West Waterford A.C    M (2:38:48)    2:38:48  
3 Gabriel PICARELLI Cia dos Cavalos    M (2:42:34)    2:42:35  
9 Nollaig O NEILL     Leevale AC        F (3:01:24)    3:01:26  
14 Isobel OAKES      F (3:05:00)    3:05:22  
40 Tara MALONE    Enniskillen running club    F (3:19:23)    3:19:32 

The full results can be seen on the Precision Timing website.

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Photos...(Updated Sun 5pm)
1) The organisers have some photowall shots HERE 
2) Pre-race photos HERE 

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Anonymous said...

What did you think of Clon today?
I done the half, thought the course wasn't all that bad, although the full maight have a different opinion. In fairness the course was always full plenty of runners along the way. The issues I have was food was scarce at the end, cheap Coke, racepack poor on a positive note water stations were sufficient. Bob needs to bring the cost of this race back to reality, Full €60, Half €50 & 10K 30.

Anonymous said...

I have read a lot about the leaders been directed wrongly for the half but i didn't experience this so i'll give my opinion on the race.
This is my 3rd year doing it and 3rd different course. This was by far the best. From parking to begin with, to the space at the start line which meant you weren't held up were great. I was unsure about looped course but i realised fairly quickly that i enjoyed it. There was always big crowds around and it kind motivated you even more. Atmosphere was great and you could feel the buzz around. It was tight in parts where people passing in each direction but once you kept to the left all was good. Medal was of high quality again. Tshirts were on the small side.

1 recommendation would be a different turnaround point back in the hotel. This would help avoid confusion of who is finishing and who is on next lap. Only finishers should go through finish line. A simple thing like cones and mat to the right would do. People finishing go to left and people on next lap to the right. It seems too simple not to have thought about it and would let the winners actually know they are winners.

2 things that need to be done to help this race to survive. 1 - pick a route and stick with it. I think they are on to a winner this year. 2 - price has to come down. I can see more going to waterford next year if prices stay as they are.
I'll be waiting to see how things change before I'd consider signing up again.

Anonymous said...

Can't understand why people do this rave. It's over priced and expensive and isn't good at all. Hopefully it will disappear in a year or two. On the same point I wonder as the economy slowly improves and the running population get slightly older compared to the running boom of 6 years ago will a lot of marathons and races bite the dust, cork marathon and waterford come to mind.

Anonymous said...

Haven't run this for the past 2 years because of posts like this, all relevant too. The uncertainty around the route since the disaster of Inchydoney, has left me with no confidence in this race. And then there is the ridiculous price coupled with the expense of getting there. Lower the price to 30 for full, 20 for half, etc and it might survive. Too many complaints now.

Anonymous said...

If some people didn't find it good then it would have stopped a long time ago so that statement is wrong.

Also, where is the evidence that the running population is getting older compared to 6 years ago?

Why would the Cork and Waterford marathons 'bite the dust' when they are based in cities? It's the smaller ones that are likely to get squeezed.

Anonymous said...

Cork marathon numbers dropped in the last two years as the route has yet to be revamped and the placing of the race on June weekend is all wrong. The waterford marathon couldn't even measure the course properly failing to apologise to it's runner's afterwards. Kildare died out this year. As for the aging running population maybe John could give us stats on that. Clon is a terrible event. I ran the full 2 years ago and I decided i will never go back, it's too expensive. Too many uninformed people organizing these events

Anonymous said...

the great weather made it a great day but I share some of the criticism of other runners: the "there and back" course, the clashing of different group runners, the high cost and the wrong measurement of the course )several people reported 150 meters extra on the 10k). No wondrs numbers are dropping, next year I'll think twice before registering

Anonymous said...

From promising beginnings this race has turned into a shambles and will surely fade to a nothing event without elite runners over the coming years unless drastic measures are taken.

I have run the half marathon each of the last three years.

The 2010 and 2011 route was an exceptional and enjoyable one with a lap of the town at the outset. Word of the great event and atmosphere at the race spread far and wide and rightly so too. I was certainly one endorsing the event to friends and work colleagues.

2012 was a fiasco out in Inchydoney but thankfully in 2013 it returned to The Waterfront and the route was tough but enjoyable and I thought that the event was back on track.

I fully intended doing the half marathon yet again this year but when I saw the route I was really annoyed and opted out. A looped course?! Really? Is this the best Bob et al could come up with or has the RunClon event annoyed local businesses as rumour has it? With all the routes possible around the locality including those explored over the previous years, a looped one is just a farce! Why do they keep on changing it?

I knew right away that this was going to be another fiasco and, though I didn’t run, I did go to Clon to support friends. I certainly heard rumblings of discontent even before the race and undoubtedly there are more in the aftermath. I can only imagine the thoughts of the faster runners on the slow running traffic they have to get through on running multiple loops. To round it all off yesterday, multiple cars were getting stuck in the field adjacent to the Quality Hotel. Parking in a sodden field in December is a recipe for disaster. Luckily I was not one who got stuck but there were no stewards in the field when I was leaving and no tractor to pull cars out. Furthermore on exiting the field, traffic was crossing over the route of the marathon runners on more loops!

The cost is too high and needs to be dropped. My partner and I both run so €100 for the event is just too steep. Also, after 3 years of long-sleeved black & yellow tops I don’t fancy another. At least make them high-vis given the time of year! (probably better for marketing if they were reflective and therefore legible too). Just a further thing which is grating on my nerves, this ‘Boston Strong’ buzz needs to go. I know Bob Hilliard was at the Boston Marathon when the awful bombing occurred last year. This was commemorated last year but to my mind doesn’t add anything to their whole marketing strategy. On a plus, the medal does serve well as a coaster!

I think this race is going to die a death unless organisers listen to everyone’s concerns on multiple issues:
1. Reduction of cost,
2. Pick a route and stick with it.
3. Better parking organisation.
4. Organisation of start times to alleviate working through slow runners
5. Ensure sufficient refreshments post race.
6. High- Vis technical top
Up to the organisers to decide what’s best for the survival of the event. Listening to runners is a good starting point…

Anonymous said...

A lot of negatives about the new route - namely it being boring, the unique selling point of the west cork scenery is lost, the three races jostling on the roads all added to a frustrating day. The looped course was there for no other reason than I believe to limit costs and organisation, and I met no-one who enjoyed the course (other than one post here!). The out and back 3.5 times does have some positives (always in company and not far from home) and I think the glorious weather saved this race from being a disaster - plus the 24 mile hairpin turning point (a man standing in the road with a sign) does not really advertise the race well!

I have run the full marathon here now on 4 of the 5 events - and this was my last. I loved this race - but to be honest feel short changed and ripped off this year. I know what I signed up for and paid the money - but it just seemed all corners were cut to ensure maximum profit (know the race is commercial). The race pack was non existent (a shirt), the medal is prob the best you'll get at a race (accepted) - but nothing else at all. The after race catering is a cup of tea and a biscuit or two - plus a slice of black pudding provided by a sponsor (I think). You can buy a sandwich though for €4 - surprisingly I did not bring any money over the 26 miles! and a walk to the car meant it easier to change and head off home. All in all and for the first time thinking it - the organisers have got it wrong, the quality of the previous races (even in 2012) offset any concerns about the price. But this year in my opinion it felt like a very expensive training run with a bit of music - a shirt (which they had ran out of my reserved size when I registered) and nothing of any substance to eat at the end. The quality is lost and I'll only return if the entry price is down to about €30 - or perhaps drop the full and half marathons and run a 10K event only - in my opinion that is about the measure of it.

Anonymous said...

I think some of the negativity here is ridiculous. I thought it was a very well run event. I enjoyed the marathon route and would certainly do it again. You can argue about whether the looped course is better or not but loops are very common now in many races. It was great that you were among other runners all the time and it never got 'lonely' out there. I thought value for money was fine. Suggesting you can organise a marathon and charge only €30 is ridiculous. There are many hidden costs that I am sure add up. Some people are never happy.

Anonymous said...

Again people turn up to run these COMMERICAL RUN races and complain but will still turn up again next year. its about time that runners woke up and stop supporting these type of races.
Why not run walk in races that are for local causes and or run by local athletic clubs where one can see where the money is going.

Anonymous said...


I think it is rather puzzling why the organisers haven't come out an apologised about messing up Gary O'Hanlons race, sending him the wrong way and preventing him from running a pb and same for Sergio in the Half .

A poorly organised race. overpriced and purely commercially driven.

Anonymous said...

Will never run this race again. It was a disaster for competitive runners
-Making up lost ground because you were sent the wrong way.
-Having to shout to clear your path
-No lead car or at least someone on a bicycle
-Stopping to ask stewards where to go
-Runners allowed to wear headphones
-The winner of the marathon runs over 27 miles
-the winner of the half does 14 miles, what a joke!!!!

Badly organised and a pure money racket!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think there is a divide here. I can see how this would be a difficult race for elite runners trying to get through the crowds and sending them the wrong route is inexcusable but the crowds also made it a great race for the recreational runner. Some of the better runners very quickly forget it is the recreational runners who are the backbone of the sport we all love, without which the best athletes would be running on empty course with no one cheering them on. The price is a commercial decision and if it is too high people simply won't sign up. Exiting the car park at the end was a disaster to be fair.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the race but was a it annoyed at the fact that all race distance competitors are given the same medal and top.
I enjoyed the race and would do it again but as petty as it may seem, when I do 26.2 miles of hard slog I think I should get the medal stating the word marathon and a top with 26.2! Those doing the half or 10k should have medals and tops to reflect this. We did pay a good price to take part after all.

Anonymous said...

€50 for a half marathon is waaaaaay too expensive

Anonymous said...

Commerical or not their is no excuse for sending runners the wrong way. It basics of any road race " The course" But the organisers have to learn from this and put a proper race day plan in place. I did'nt run the race but supported runners who did. They was also a few close shave's where accidents were narrowly avoid on another day who knows.

Anonymous said...

I did the half and I must say I did enjoy it. Regarding the entry fee of this and other races, why do people pay the entry fee and then complain about it afterwards ?.You are aware of the entry fee before you enter. Nobody is forcing you to pay it.If you don't like or agree with it, don't enter.

Anonymous said...

1. The event is bringing a bit of business to the town and a lot of local people have started running.

2. The organisers are collecting over 80.000 Euro in entry fees (I added the numbers by result list x entry fee) this is not a charity or a club event. This is a commercial event, volunteers are not paid and there is no promise that a certain percentage of the profit is to be put into charities or local AC clubs.

3. They will keep running this event as long as they can make money from it and my guess is it will become a recreational event for newbies and locals – are people just bitter beacuse someone is making money here?

Anonymous said...

Maybe i did a different run than most of ye!! I thought it was enjoyable and i liked the loop course as it gave you an idea of what you had left to run. ( i did the full ) I thought the water stations were fine and the marshals were good. People on here commenting about how bad it was and who weren't even there makes no sense. It was my first time doing it and i would probable do it again next year all going well.

Anne Doran said...

I have done this race since 2012 and I think there is quite an amount of negativity towards the organisers of the race. I think this is one of the races I can say that is inclusive to all participants. You don't have to be the quickest or an elite athlete to compete, you just need to come down and be part of it.
We stayed in the Quality Hotel and thought it was very well organised from start to finish. I've already booked the Quality Hotel for 2015 as a matter of fact.
I thought the course was nice and to finish at the Quality Hotel was good as there were a number of people there to cheer you on to the finish line! I love the long sleeved t-shirt and very proud of my medal.

Anonymous said...

The organisers could learn a lot from Dingle marathon in seamless running of 3 events.

Also the new route for half and full is a serious comedown from previous editions. Shame..

Anonymous said...

In its current state, this is more an event for social runners. Not trying to create a divide or anything but it was easily seen there wasn't many fast club runners there (yes Waterford half was on but still). That I got a top 10 place proves this as I never place that high in other road races. And now with the disaster for the lead runners of the full and half, it will turn even more fast club runners away from the event.

Hopefully Bob and the RunClon crew take on the feedback and make improvements for next year to make it a must do event.

Anonymous said...

I ran the 10 km and thought it was the worst organised race I have ever run. Others runners shouted abuse at me as I tried to overtake and had to cross over to the right hand side in order to do it. The lap course does not work here as the road is not wide enough. The price of the race is very expensive 30 euro no goody bag, very little food at the finish line - it was like another race trying to get it. Iwill not be back next year as there are plenty more cheaper races better organised. Good luck in getting numbers next year.

Anonymous said...

I am a middling, recreational runner and I ran the half. I'm not going to complain about the price because I voluntarily chose to pay it when I signed up.

But, I do feel entitled to complain that:

1. The new looped-route was not great compared to previous years.

2. The loops did not work well and the roads were too narrow to accommodate two-way traffic. I was frustrated trying to overtake lots of slower runners and I know that I definitely held up faster runners, even though I tried to get out of their way and give them space. But, on such a narrow and crowded half-road, it was nearly impossible to let people by safely.

3. At one point I was running behind a car on my side of the road and another car was coming the other way! The roads were meant to be closed. There were no stewards monitoring those cars. I ended up overtaking the car in front of me, but it should not have been there.

4. Parking on the way in was great - plenty of stewards available to guide cars to spaces. Getting out was a free for all. No sign of all the stewards, so everyone drove over the grass to converge on the one road out. And unbelievably, the single exit from the single car park actually crossed the race route, so the massive queue of cars had to wait for gaps between runners! Really, what genius thought of that?