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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Discussions on dropping some athletic events from the Olympics in future

It was reported recently that some of the most influential policy makers in the Olympic organisation are considering dropping some athletic events to make more time available for other sports.

The events regarded most at risk under a athletics shake-up are, in order: the 10,000 metres, one of the men's race walks - most likely the 20-kilometre event - the 200m, the shot put and the triple jump.

Some of these events are amongst the oldest in the Games.

First Olympic Games...Men...Women
Shot Put...1896...1948
Triple Jump...1896...1996
20km Race Walk...1956...2000

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Gerard said...

The shot and triple jump can be run whilst other tracks events are in progress so I suspect this may be an advertising marketing motivated move. I would have thought events such as shooting or archery might be considered for elimination before this track events.

Anonymous said...

what about dropping golf, soccer and tennis?

Anonymous said...

and the bmx's

Anonymous said...

Dropping the 10,000m from the Olympic games should be a criminal offence.

John Desmond said...

From the IAAF..."No credence whatsoever should be given to recent unfounded speculation regarding possible changes to athletics’ programme within the Olympic Games. While the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations were passed at last week's session, no details or specific proposals have yet been made by the IOC as to how they will be implemented."