Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & photos of the Glenville 4 mile race...Sun 7th Dec 2014

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Results & photos of the Glenville 4 mile race...Sun 7th Dec 2014

1 Barry Donovan     MS     20:10
2 Colin Merritt     MS     20:19
3 Elton Heffernan     MS     20:30
34 Esther Murphy            F     26:45
48 Pauline Grainge            F   27:35
50 Vicki Cleary            F     27:43

The provisional results are HERE

1) Mick Dooley of Eagle AC has a small gallery of photos HERE
2) Kieran Minihane has a gallery HERE


Unknown said...

What a great but tough race. Great spread afterwords. Well done all

Mick said...

Great organisation great course great refreshments ,but must have prizes across the board not just for top 2 r 3

Anonymous said...

U must give out more prizes not just 1st 2nd u must give out 3 rd to and.vets prizes to to 1st 3

Anonymous said...

Some people are never happy.Fair play to ye.

Anonymous said...

Very well organized, well done to wghill ac.

Anonymous said...

Very much enjoyed this one. Very well organised & great spread afterwards.

Re the comments on prizes... I'm guessing as it was a new race they were being cautious on prizes. I'd imagine a bigger crowd next year would allow for a deeper prize fund???

Considering it was chip timed & only 8€ I wouldn't be complaining.

conor said...

Great race, Well done to the organisers! and well done for keeping the entry fee so low! Great value race.
Those looking for lots of prize's will have no trouble finding other races with €15-€25 entry fee's!!

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely race and well worth getting a larger crowd next year, after you get over the hill in the first mile which comes at the best stage of any race its all slightly downhill or flat to the finish. Well done to the hill Ac & Glenville gaa for bringing a lovely race to north east cork and the spread after was 2nd to none

Unknown said...

As this was year one for us, we were completely in the dark as to what numbers we would get so having prizes for every category would have been a huge commitment. We were overwhelmed by the turn out and were delighted with the great feedback, a good spread after is always a nice talking point too!!
Having the race chip timed was also a big decision for us again not knowing if we would get decent numbers to cover costs. As a new AC with its 1st race, I think we did pretty well!!
Obviously next year we can be more confident of numbers and increase the prizes to the other category's. Thanks to all who turned out for it!
Dave Murphy( WGH AC )

Anonymous said...

Thats a ridiculus reply seeing as ye could afford and ordered chip timing ye must have been expecyting large numbers or why order ir.Admit it just another case of runners being ripped off.Also ye could easily ised so.e of the spots as proper prizes.The first two is a joke