Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Ballyclough Harbour 5k...Sat 15th June 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Results of the Ballyclough Harbour 5k...Sat 15th June 2013

Ballyclough 5k 15 June 2013 Ballyclough

PositionNumberTime Name Club M/F CategoryPace
1  16:11 MURPHY, Ed GNEEVEGUILLA  MS  5:13
2  16:48 SMITH, Danny BALLYNONTY  M35  5:25
3  17:22 FEEHAN, Maurice NEWMARKET  MS  5:36
10  18:48 KIELY, Martina ST FINBARRS FS   6:04
13  19:03 KENNY, Michelle MIDLETON FS   6:09
16  19:15 FINN, Carol LEEVALE FS  6:13

The full results can be seen HERE


Donal O'Donoghue said...

Well done to Ed Murphy, who is back to winning ways, and Martina Kiely. One of them set a new course record - I just can't remember who ..!

But the real star of the show was Emma Landers of Younghal AC, who is just nine years old and finished under 23 minutes.
Many older boys chareged up the hill at the start, and had to pause to recuperate befoe 1km, but Emma just kept going.
Well done!!

Anonymous said...

not sure if its wise to have a 9 year old race in a 5k maybe a bit young? just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the race, the course was great, that hill really tests you for the finish and what a spread afterwards, tea, coffee brack and sandwiches, nice little village with obviously great community spirit. A real 5K route, will be back next year it deserves support

Anonymous said...

9 years is far to young to be running road races.Bones and joints are still developing and growth plates are probe to injury from pounding on the road.Plenty of years ahead to be doing road races.I think if an event has an AAI permit no one under 18 is allowed run.I am open to correction regarding this.

John Hogan said...

If a nine year old runs one 5km on the road every couple of months it will their bones no harm.
Enough with the scare mongering.

Anonymous said...

i agree 9 is way too young for road racing, glad she finished safe and well but maybe sticking to shorter races like 100 or 200,s might be wiser a while,loads of time to become the next sonia o sullivan!

Anonymous said...

Obviously a talented & determined young girl. Good to see she is in an athletic club, where her potential will be developed over time. As a one off, I don't see the harm. I doubt this 9 year old is running road races every week! A child can run around for 20 mins on tarmac / concrete playing games, what's the difference ? Kids love the buzz of the local road races and it's a pleasant change from the 80m sprint where 3 get medals and the rest get nothing.

Anonymous said...

What a pity the Ballyclough organiser didnt think it worth while to get a permit Surprising so many aai runners supported this race

Unknown said...

Relax the comments on the 9 Year Old, she ran because she has a connection with the organizers and she really enjoyed it, The race was ran in conjunction with Mallow AC previously but as they have a full calender of events notice was given too late to apply for a AAI permit. We will of course have one next year. Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you all back next year.

Anonymous said...

For people adding the comments about 9 year old running, would they prefer if she stayed at home on her xbox. My young girl ran\walked too and we had the best of nights. The lady giving out mars bars was so so nice to her as were all the people in the village when she reached the finish line near enough to last position. This was a gentle run in an environment that was welcoming to families and children and I want to say a big THANK YOU to Ballyclough and Mallow AC for a great evening.