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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Results of the Great Island 10 mile road race...Sun 21st Apr 2013

The Great Island 10 mile road race in Cobh was held in almost perfect conditions on Sunday, the 21st of April....mild but not too warm, sunny but with some cloud. The provisional results have 611 finishers, up slightly on last year.

I missed out on this race last year but managed to make it this time around. Having done Dungarvan and Ballycotton this year, I'd put it on a par with them. Sure, the course isn't easy and there are no shortage of hills but maybe that's part of the attraction of it...a tough challenging course.

All proceeds from this race went towards the Irish Cancer Society and I think they're up around the €100k mark now in terms of what has been collected since this race was first held.

Provisional results...

Pos Name Time Net Time Category Gender Gen Pos Club
1 Philip HARTY    00:51:32    00:51:31    SMen    Male    1    WestWaterford
2 Sandis BRALITIS    00:53:02    00:53:00    SMen    Male    2    
3 John MEADE    00:54:48    00:54:44    SMen    Male    3    St. Finbarrs
4 Danny SMYTH    00:55:38    00:55:34    SMen    Male    4    
5 Cornelius MARSHALL    00:56:28    00:56:25    SMen    Male    5    St. Finbarrs
6 Michael LYONS    00:56:46    00:56:43    SMen    Male    6    
7 Owen CASEY    00:59:32    00:59:28    SMen    Male    7    carrigaline road runners
8 Elton HEFFERNAN    01:00:26    01:00:26    SMen    Male    8    
9 Michael MURPHY    01:01:17    01:01:14    SMen    Male    9    Carrick Ac
10 Jeff CASEY    01:01:38    01:01:35    SMen    Male    10    Tougher
17 Anne Marie HOLLAND    01:03:08    01:03:05    SWomen    Female    1    
22 Joyce WOLFE    01:04:53    01:04:50    SWomen    Female    2    Leevale
29 Mary SWEENEY    01:06:03    01:05:59    50+    Female    3    
30 Jennifer LINEHAN    01:06:17    01:06:13    35-39    Female    4    
51 Margo DINAN    01:08:30    01:08:24    45-49    Female    5    St Finbarrs
65 Sonya O' SULLIVAN    01:09:17    01:09:14    40-44    Female    6    
71 Gillian COTTER    01:09:57    01:09:52    35-39    Female    7    St. Finbarrs
72 Orla CROSBIE    01:10:01    01:09:57    45-49    Female    8    St. Finbarrs
85 Sheila BUCKLEY    01:11:25    01:11:18    SWomen    Female    9    Midleton AC
90 Ann CASHMAN    01:11:50    01:11:42    SWomen    Female    10   Eagle AC 

The provisional results can be found....HERE

Olympic Silver Medalist Sonia O'Sullivan cruising home at the end of the 2013 Great Island 10 mile road race in Cobh

Photos...(Updated 9:45pm)
1) The organisers have hundreds of photos on their Facebook page HERE 
....and their second album is HERE 
2) The online newspaper The Cobh Edition have a huge number of photos on their Facebook page. Album 1 is HERE and Album 2 is HERE


Unknown said...

Hills for strength, can't always be working on speed....we'll all be flying on the flat next week !


Anonymous said...

great race yest and very well run, even with the hills i still took 1min my PB for 10mile so am deligted with that. the weather was great for it and that inturn meant there was a great atmosphere at the finish line. the only dissapointement was the lunatic tractor driver between mile 4+5 who would not slow down even do the road was full of runners, i saw two women in front of me having to jump into the ditch to get out of his way, pity there wasnt a Garda around.

Stephen McAuliffe said...

Thanks to all for organizing such a great event. A tough course but a beautiful one. Thanks as well to all the volunteers who marshaled the race so well. Well done.

Anonymous said...

thought the chip timing was out did anyone else think so, Aidan

Anonymous said...

In Regard to the tractor incident yesterday, the organising committee are dealing with this matter. If anyone has any information please contact
087 9863805 supp

On a more positive note thanks to all who supported us it really was a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Re the tractor I saw rwo Garda let a van with a large trailer drive straight into the group of runners causing many to slow down just at d turn below Lidl .The Gards completely ignored it.

Anonymous said...

"thought the chip timing was out did anyone else think so, Aidan" contact if you have a query regards your time.