Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Cork City Marathon 5k...Sat 27th Apr 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Results of the Cork City Marathon 5k...Sat 27th Apr 2013

There was a great turnout for the Cork City Marathon 5k race in Tramore Valley Park with 283 people taking part.

Pos    Name    Time
1    John Meade   16:10
2    Rory O'Sullivan    16:14
3    Patrick Roache    16:31
14    Niamh Roe    18:37
18    Ann-Marie Holland    18:53
32    Eadaoin O'Neill    20:02

The full results can be seen HERE

1) Mick Dooley of the BHAA has some photos HERE


Anonymous said...

I hear there was no prizes for anyonne outside of the male and female winners! With a turnout of 283 @ €10 each I am curious as to where the money went considering the running of it was left to the BHAA boys and volunteers. I would say something if the money was for some cause such as a local community hall, school or charity.

Anonymous said...

Ran this race yesterday very well organised and a great job done by the cork BHAA they do Trojan voluntarily work for the cork running community, well done ..would like answer as to why only one prize each in male and female for first place ....NO category prizes , poor refreshments after race and with 300 people running with no charity involved where is the 3000 euro going ....IS the cork city council walking away with this money ????????.We need answers ...don't mind helping charity's but not pouring more money into the councils pocket ....

Anonymous said...

This would be a great place to run if the City Council could tar the track the whole way around.Over half of it is gravel which is not nice to run on.

John Desmond said...

From what I understand, the usual prizes were given out in the form of spots...some 67 in total.

Some of the other costs were marquee rental which was pretty saucy, renting of portaloos and the payment for council staff who were working there on a Saturday.

Having heard some of the figures involved, the City Council certainly didn't make much if any money on it.

One of the problems with the Tramore Valley site is the lack of facilities there. Normally a race organiser can rent a hall and they get the use of toilets, electricity, water, etc. When everything has to be brought to a green field site, things start to get very expensive.

Carla said...

I was there and finished a long time after the winners and I still got a spot prize. I don't know who said that only the winners got prizes but that's not true!