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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Tech Tops made from Hagfish slime..???

Modern sports clothing like technical tops for running are made from man-made synthetic fibres which are mostly derived from oil. As a resource that is both non-renewable and becoming increasingly expensive, scientists are currently looking for other materials that can be used instead.

One area of research shows that the slime from Hagfish might be the solution.

Hagfish when threatened, releases large quantities of a protein. This protein, when it comes intocontact with water forms threads that turn the immediate environment of the hagfish thick and gooey. The slime then deters predators from attacking the hagfish.

Researchers have found that the protein threads are 100 times smaller than a single human hair and can be woven to create fabric that’s as strong as nylon or plastic. Furthermore, the material is much more sustainable than artificial fibers like nylon and polyester.

More on the story on the BBC News website


Anonymous said...

Waasn't April fools day a couple of days ago now

John Desmond said...

I know but it's actually true! .....I think ;o)