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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Bolt runs 100m in 9.76 seconds in Rome

After a disappointing time of 10.04 in Ostrava in the Czech Republic last week, Usain Bolt answered any questions about his current form with a blistering fast time of 9.76 seconds last Friday night in Rome. In a race that included the European champion Christophe Lemaitre and Jamaican compatriot Asafa Powell, Bolt ran what was the fastest time for 100 metres in the world so far this year.

1 BOLT Usain        JAM    9.76    0.152
2 POWELL Asafa        JAM    9.91    0.159
3 LEMAITRE Christophe    FRA     10.04    0.147
4 COLLINS Kim        SKN    10.05    0.163
5 CLARKE Lerone        JAM    10.16    0.167
6 ROACH Kimmari        JAM    10.23    0.125
7 HARVEY Jacques    JAM    10.24    0.131
8 WAUGH Ainsley        JAM    10.30    0.154
9 MAGAKWE Simon    RSA    10.33    0.246

In a post race interview, Bolt said.......“I just wanted to tell myself ‘I’ve still got it’. I feel slightly relieved but I knew I could do it. After Ostrava I decided I would make sure I started going to bed early. Today I felt extremely well, extremely great".

9.76 Usain Bolt Jamaica (May 31, Rome)
9.82 Usain Bolt Jamaica (May 5, Kingston)
9.84 Yohan Blake Jamaica (May 9, Cayman Islands)
9.87 Justin Gatlin US (May 11, Doha)
9.88 Asafa Powell Jamaica (May 11, Doha)
9.89 Keston Bledman Trinidad (May 26, Orlando)
9.90 Yohan Blake Jamaica (April 14, Kingston)
9.91 Asafa Powell Jamaica (May 31, Rome)

In another interview on CNN, Linford Christie from the UK asked Bolt his poor performance in Ostrava, about the pressures of being famous and whether he thinks he can break the 100m world record in London.

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Anonymous said...

If only making sure I start going to bed early would improve my times like that....*wishful sigh* ... still though, roll on London, its going to be exciting viewing...!