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Friday, June 29, 2012

Irish Results on Day 3 of the European Championships - Fri 29th June 2012

Day 3 (29th June) Irish Athletes Competing

Steven Colvert (Crusaders AC) was disqualified in the third heat of the mens 200m. Looking at the video for the race, it did seem as if Steven was having some trouble staying inside the lane as his speed seemed to push him outwards on the sharp bends.

Paul Hession finishes in second place in the fourth heat of the mens 200m. Paul talks here about his heat and the tight bends...

 Amy foster bows out in the first round of the womens 200m.

Jessie Barr finishes in 8th place in the womens 400m hurdles final. Jessie's time of 56.83 was well down on her 55.93 seconds in the semi-final but it's still a great achievement for the 23 year old.

Post race interview with Jessie Barr here...

Paul Hession finishes in 4th place in the second semi-final of the mens 200m as the Greek athlete gets disqualified. He goes through to the final of the mens 200m. Great result!

Paul reacts to making the final...

Brian Gregan finishes 6th in the final of the mens 400m final. He was well placed to take a medal but faded in the last 50 metres. It was a remarkable performance considering that he was having problems with his groin from abut 100m.

Post race interview with Brian Gregan here...

That concludes another day of European athletics. It was a day of what might have been. Steven Colvert went out in the mens 200m due to a disqualification because of a lane violation. He was one of a growing number of athletes that had difficulties with the tight bends on the track. In the race video, it was obvious that momentum was pushing him outwards as he tried to take the bend. In another heat of the 200m, Paul Hession just about made it through to what is his third European final. However, for the third day running, the star performance for my money was from Brian Gregan yet again. In the 400m final, he picked up a groin injury around the 80m mark and by the time there was only 50 metres left, he was still in contention for the bronze medal. Today wasn't his day but certainly a name for the future.

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