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Monday, June 04, 2012

Results of the 2012 Cork City Marathon...Mon 4th June 2012

The winner of the 2012 Cork City Marathon was Freddy Keron from Kenya in a time of 2:22:11 beating the official Cork City Marathon record by over three minutes.  Last years winner Sergui Ciobanu finished in second place in 2:22:55 – over two minutes faster than his 2011 time.  Huw Lobb was third in a time of 2:28:37.

The first Corkman home was Cillian O’Leary who finished fourth in his first ever marathon. Cillian finished in a time of 2:29:52. Completing the top five was Brian Leahy in a time of 2:33:14.

In the women’s marathon, Clonmel athlete Angela McCann successfully defended her title, finishing comfortably in a time of 2:53:02, cutting almost half a minute off the winning time she set in last year’s race. Anne Curley of Donore Harriers finished in second place in a time of 2:54:35. Next home was Mary O'Leary in a time of 2:59:46, followed closely by Ann Marie Holland of Eagle AC in 2:59:54. Helen Leonard completed the top five in a time of 3:00:52.

Top 10 women.......
1F Angela McCann Clonmel F40 2:53:02,
2F Anne Curley Donore Harriers F40 2:54:37,
3F Mary O'Leary FC Perlach F45 2:59:46,
4F Ann Marie Holland Eagle AC F35 2:59:55
5F Helen Leonard Rathfarnham WSAF AC F40 3:00:54
6F Tracy Guilfoyle Kilnaboy AC F45 3:04:21
7F Maura Regan Eagle AC FO 3:11:07
8F Mary Sweeney St Finbarr's AC F50 3:11:42
9F Col Conway St Finbarr's AC F40 3:12:52
10F Orla Crosbie St Finbarr's AC F45 3:17:23 

The Half-Marathon title went to Gary O’Hanlon of Clonliffe Harriers who finished in a time of 1:09:15. It was neck-and-neck in the battle for second place, with John Meade of St.Finbarr's AC  eventually pipping Paul Buckley by a mere second, finishing in a time of 1:12:37 from Paul’s 1:12:38.

The first woman home in the half marathon was defending champion Lizzie Lee who finished in a time of 1:20:34. Emma Murphy of St Finbarr's AC was second in 1:22:27 while Carmel Crowley of Bandon AC was third in 1:24:17.

Jerry Forde completed his 211th wheelchair marathon in a time of 4:12:35.

The first relay team to cross the line was the Mammoths are Back!!! relay team who recorded a finish time of 2:21:30. The team was made up of Raivis Zakis and Sandis Bralitis (West Waterford AC), Philip Harty (Donore Harriers) and Brian Murphy (Carrick AC). The Garda AC won the inaugural Inter-Services Championships Team Relay, finishing in a time of 2:30:25.

The C Team of Cancer Survivors finished in 48th place, 3:26:37, from 570 finishing teams.


The results of the full Marathon are HERE

The results of the Half-Marathon are HERE

The results of the Relay are HERE 

Postscript.....(Thurs 7th June 2012)......
Now that a lot of the comments are in (70+), we can get a good feel for how the 2012 Cork City Marathon went. It seems as if the new Half-Marathon start was a success. That start 30 minutes earlier meant the Half runners melded with the Marathon and Relay field rather than running into the back of a load of slower runners as happened in 2011. Some people may argue for a 10:30am start but if it was still a real issue, a lot of people would have complained.

Bikes........In 2011, a lot more people seemed to complain about bicycles out along the course. It seemed to be less of an issue this year.

Bottles V Cups.......This debate could run and run. Most runners would argue for bottles but they can be a nightmare for organisers. From where I was in the Marathon, I saw people throwing bottles into the river, into ditches and into fields. Obviously, these will never get picked up after the race. Increase the number of bottles and they end up doing a lot more cleaning. Someone suggested to me that they should place large bins maybe 100 metres or so after the water stations so that there is an obvious place for runners to throw the bottles. Sounds like a good idea.

Water.......The most serious problem during the race was probably the lack of water for slower runners during the first 10 miles of the race. As I went around the course with the 3:45 group, all of the water stations seemed full. It was a different experience for the 4 hour group behind as they came across stations with no water. For those running even slower, I presume they got nothing. Whatever about bottles or sports drinks, there should be at least cups of water for every runner.

Overall......On balance, the 2012 Cork City Marathon was a success. Looking at some of the issues that arise at other races around the country, any problems at the Cork City Marathon are really minor in comparison. It's a credit to the City Council, the local athletics clubs and all of the volunteers that they put on something as complex as this in one of the major cities in the country.

Comments....?? In the meantime, any comments on the race? How it went? Any issues? From where I was, it seemed to go pretty smoothly but might have been different elsewhere.

Photos......(Updated Mon 11th June @11:00am)
1) Doug Minihane has a gallery of 2000+ photos HERE
2) Gearoid O'Laoi has a big gallery HERE
3) Peter Mooney has a gallery HERE
4) Darren Spring has 576 photos on his RacePix website HERE
5) John Quigley has several photo slideshows...
   a) Near the 1 mile Marathon mark HERE
   b) Start on Particks Street HERE
   c) At the 1.75 mile mark HERE
   d) At the 3.5 mile mark HERE
   e) At the 26 mile mark HERE
6) Joe Murphy has a large slideshow of photos HERE
7) Noel Kelleher has almost 800 photos HERE
8) Donal O'Chaoimh has a gallery of 115 photos HERE
9) Keith O'Driscoll has 156 photos HERE
10) Richard ??? has a gallery of 100 photos HERE
11) Martin Cunningham has a huge gallery of over 2,000 photos HERE
12) Pete ??? has 370 photos HERE 
13) Iain Shaw has ~300 photos HERE

By the way, if you have trouble finding yourself in the big photo galleries, just scan through them quickly to see the Pink pacer balloons and then search accordingly.


Gerry Forde from Blarney completed his second Marathon in as many days
Newry on the Sunday (4:35) and Cork on the Monday (4:14)

The 3:45 Marathon pacer Paul Brunnock from West Waterford AC. Paul was using the Cork City Marathon (42.2 kms) as a training run for an upcoming 100km Ultra-Marathon in Portumna.

One of the many water stations staffed by volunteers...

Start of the 2012 Cork City Marathon...

There's always time for a quick chat during a Marathon ;o)

With thanks to Doug Minihane, Gearoid O'Laoi, Stephen Murphy and Joe Murphy for the above images...


Anonymous said...

Great day. Very well organised only problem I had was that the first water station ran out of water ;-(

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed it. My first half marathon ever and felt it was run very well

Anonymous said...

First marathon for me, I though it had everything, weather crowds atmosphere and brilliant finish. Will difinitely be back next year.
Also broke 3:30 :)

Anonymous said...

Went well, I did the half..felt it was well organised. Have a feeling that it must be a logistical nightmare having a half marathon, a relay and a full marathon on the same day though. They seem to have got it right,in terms of the organisation.

Anonymous said...

My third year doing the relay and had no problems at all. Great atmosphere with great support out along the course.

Lev yashin's ghost said...

I'm form Cork and probably biased, but i can't understand why there isn't more big names or indeed, a 10,000 field. This one of the flattest marathons around, tremendous crowd support, outstanding finish area. it's got everything. Had a bad experience with the tum this year but enjoyed the day immensely...Roll on next year..

Anonymous said...

The crowds and atmosphere were brilliant and the organisation seemed impeccable. The 3.45 pacemakers were particularly outstanding of course!!

Pat O'Sullivan Bandon AC

Kevin said...

Enjoyed it, got great weather for it and all. Very well organized.
Just one thing, the half marathon times seem to be from when the front people started, my time is down as 1m 24sec more than my garmin gps watch recorded. A shame especially when there seemed to be a mat for the timing chips at the start for the half. Did it not work?
That said, another good event, hopefully I'll manage the full next year!

Ian said...

This is my second CCM and what a day...I have nothing but praise for the organisers, the pacers(especially the 3.15's... 2 Great guys and motivators.

Thanks to all involved and to John for all the information...


Anonymous said...

Are those the results in full. or are they still a work in progress? really enjoyed today, the support was amazing, I was carrying an injury so it was v tough at various points along the way and the crowd were just fantastic. big thanks to all who supported :) Also for next yr, it might be a good idea to let us know in advance which side of the rd the water stations will be on, as alot of people almost missed them and there was some frantic dashing across the rd to grab water, small issue really but would help alot :) All in alll a fantastic event, will definite;y run it again!

Anonymous said...

Great day very well organised:-) Just wonderin r ye showin a chip finish time for the half marathon like the full marathon?

Anonymous said...

Didn't find a water station with water until Blackrock castle. From there on it was well organised.

Gerard said...

Well done to John Desmond and the other pacers for coming in right on time - tremendous work.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic day
Really enjoyed the full marathon
Only thing is the lack of water bottles from mile 14 to mile 22
I suppose cups are easier to clean up but bottles can be carried further without stopping

The crowd was great though

Anonymous said...

I though it all seemed to go off very well.. (Then again I wasn't running !! )
Half marathon start was very well organised and marshaled as well.
Overall the atmosphere was great, helped no doubt by the weather but also by the crowd that turned out.

The only little quibble that I'd have would be once again BIKES!!! Whatever about the wider stretches they have to be completely banned from narrow stretches such as the walkway in Mahon and the Mardyke Park. As well intentioned as they may be in assisting 'their' runner they can hinder and upset the stride of others. If every runner had an assistant on a bike then there'd be 1600 bikes on the course as well. In fairness most stay out of the way and avoid the narrow stretches but again I witnessed a couple of acts of pure stupidity.

Other than that all was good !!

Anonymous said...

What a great day, thanks John for the pacing I had ye until mile 20 but then the lack of miles started to show. Really enjoyed running with yourself and dan from Galway. It has to be one of the best supported routes, thank you to the kids with the jellies at about 22 just what I needed. Managed to get in under 4 so I was delighted. Ruairi

Anonymous said...

My time isn't up yet and they took my chip off after the half marathon , are they still being sorted ???

Anonymous said...

Did the Half. Everything went swimmingly. No issue with bikes on the road this year so well done there. Great atmosphere, some more music along the route would be fantastic though. Mars bar or similar would have been nice to cross the finish line to. A man can only consume so many bananas. Roll on next year

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a great day. Pacers outstanding. The only crib relates to the half marathon runners. When they joined the field, I found it difficult to deal with the injection of pace from the fresh legs.

Ed G said...

Ran the Half Marathon and it went very well. No problem with crowds at Relay Chageover at the start and no issues either when we merged with Full Marathon. No bikes around Mardyke where it narrowed so with the weather it was a perfect day ! Well done to all of the organisers & volunteers !

Anonymous said...

First & last time doing Cork. The water stations were a joke!! (as were the toilets). Amateur stuff!!!! Water at end was even spare.

Anonymous said...

Like a few others on here my time and another friends time also not in the results :( Did the chip not register at the mats? Who can we contact? Otherwise great day

Anonymous said...

ran the half. really enjoyed it. the organisers learned lot from last year. still think the goody bag could be better and a mars bar woud be nice at the finish ;-)

the water stations still need to be sorted out-no cups please.

Donal O'Donoghue said...

This was a good event and well organized. Weather was kind to us - not too hot.
In previous years, I had been in a relay team, but decided this year to switch to the half marathon.
It's probably the first half marathon in quite a while where I didn't come away with the feeling of "where did it all go wrong ?"
There were plenty of water stations along the way.
I saw the comment about lack of bottles. I know from experience, that's they're much more difficult to collect, especially if they are not empty.
Perhaps get a water belt ? Also be sure to have plenty to drink in the hours before the race.
The problem areas I saw were that narrow pathway between the Mardyke and the North Mall. The photo of the cyclist is shocking.
Also at the end, there was a huge queue to get out of the finish area, between Clarkes Shoes and French Connection. A wider exit, plus another steward to prevent people trying to get in there ?
I got the flyer for the free food at The Sextant. A slightly toasted burger was much appreciated :)
Perhaps not the most nutricious food.
I saw very few mile markers - but that's not to say they were not there.
One thing outside the organizers control was the fact that nearly all the Referendum posters are still up, making it difficult to spot any marathon-specific signs.
There were two big clocks at the end, not entirely in-sync. According to my Garmin, the half started at 11:01:19.
Thanks to all the organizers, stewards, supporters and onloookers on the course, especially all the people who lined Victoria Road / Albert Quay!
Regarding previous comment about water&toilets. There was plenty of water. Did you start the race with no hydration at all?
Public Toilets are often problematic. Go at home before the race.

Anonymous said...

I was very impressed with how frequent the water stations were. I did have trouble with a guy on the bike, slowed down right in front of me going round a corner, so annoying. It is a minor complaint in an otherwise fantastic day.

Anonymous said...

I ran the marathon and also found issues with the water stations.

The water station past the Mahon flyover had no water. Neither did the next water station but there were discarded bottles on the road forcing us slower runners ( I still ran under 4 hours ) to pick up the discarded bottles in order to get a drink of water.

Also there seemed to be water and lucazade on one side of the road and water on the other side at some stations forcing me, and others, to cut right across the path of other oncoming runners to get ot the lucazade.

Maybe more volunteers at the aid stations are needed.

The course was also narrow at times so I wonder what the relay runners ( who were running faster than the marathon people ) thought of that.

Other than that it was an enjoyable day and thanks to all the supporters out on the street.

Mike Neglia said...

Had a fantastic time today- My second time doing the 1/2 Marathon in Cork. Thanks for all the work that went into organizing it. The shirts that came in the goodie bag seem a lot better than last year.
I'd agree with the other commenters, water bottles are definitely preferred over the cups.
Thanks again though!
-Mike Neglia-

Anonymous said...

I took part in the half marathon for the first time having done the relay a few times over the past couple of years.

As an event, I think it is very well organised and it is a credit to those involved, including the volunteers and the people who come out to support. I think it is an excellent day for the city and long may it continue.

I thought the half marathon worked well and I have no significant issues to report. There were lengthy queues for the toilets at the half marathon stations but I suspect that is unavoidable. Maybe Oxegen style urinals for the men might have eased the situation.

The atmosphere on Patrick St was excellent as per usual. A pair of kids did run out in front of me to join their Dad which was a small bit dangerous.

Anyhow, it was another excellent Cork City marathon and well done and thanks to all involved.

Eddie said...

Hats off to everyone involved in todays event. Ample stewarding, great encouragement from the crowds, warm weather and top class pacers. Thanks Grellan and Paul for the timely words of encouragement after the Lough, they were badly needed and did the trick.

Being from Cork and there can be no better feeling than running down Patricks Street with the sun on your back and the crowd roaring you on.

Donal O'Donoghue said...

I might add that the discarded items on the road were somewhat hazardous. Polystyrene cups are easily crushed underfoot, but bottles are different. Especially if they are not empty.
Somewhere (Lough Pond ?) there were banana skins all over the road, and orange skins in many other areas.
Having different refreshments on opposite sides of the road is a recipe for collisions.

Anonymous said...

Great day. Just one thing there was a guy pushing a buggy on the last leg of the relay. Had a couple of narrow escapes with other runners. I mean running a leg with a buggy and cutting across people who were running then full thing and on their last legs. What a ...

John G said...

Great run today. Weather was near perfect, accurate mile marking and good pacers. The route is really nice and the people of Cork did themselves proud.

Only very minor gripes were no music this year (loved it last year),a cyclist blocking a water station and the organisers running out of large t shirts.

Thanks to everyone involved, great day. Ran the full sub 3.30 John

Anonymous said...

A good event, would liked to have more of an athmosphere at the relay changeover. Water would be nice there also. A bit of music wouldn,t go a stray either. We will be back again. Well done to everyone involved in any way..

rom said...

Very happy that Mr bike's friend missed out on his sub 4 for his selfishness. Name and shame is the only way tbh when no one is going to stop them. Had one guy down the marina in the way. I told him "Cycle on the footpath, you are in the way" response was : "alright boy, calm down" and then a nice "f*** off" under his breath. Really like. He was boxing off 4 people behind him. Just have two random places each year for the gardai stop cyclists and send them the other direction and it will make it pointless. And have a contract that you won't have a bike come with you for the race and if you do you will not be allowed do the race ever again. 1 person with a camera. CCM organizers sort it out really.

Kevin said...

Chip times now added. Big thanks to Corkrunning too though, provide a great service as a location to get pictures from photographers and times from lots of different running organizations. It must take so much time and effort and it is really appreciated. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi.didn't run today but was watching.Just some observations and replies to posts here.I thought the event was superbly organized and Cork should be proud of having such a great event to look forward to every year.It is great to see so many people taking part and improving their fitness and health.Everyone has their own personal goals and that is what makes the marathon special.To run a PB or your first marathon is always a great achievement no matter what time or where you finish.We should really appreciate how lucky we are to be able to do this in our beautiful city.
Regarding the water and energy drinks.Some people will never be happy.The organisers in my opinion have taken criticism on board from previous years and gone over
and above what should be expected of them regarding
feed stations.Standard practice at most marathons and
IAAF events is to supply water or energy drink at 5 k intervals resulting in 8 stations in total.Some also supply sponges at 5km intervals (7.5 12.5 ....).They are usually
in cups or bottles,rarely both.The reasons for this is too
prevent hyponataemia(low sodium caused by drinking
too much which has been fatal).today temps were low so sweat rate should be low and in my opinion adequate water was provided.
Toilets are the same in any other major race.try running Paris.never there when you need it.
Bicycles should not be allowed unless officially buggies phones or mp3/iPods should be allowed also.It is dangerous to the person using them and to others.
I hope it is here to stay and goes from strength to strenght

Anonymous said...

Empty water stations facing the slower marathon runners all the way from the start until Blackrock Castle was simply unacceptable. Other than that, it is a great event.

Anonymous said...

The only issue that I can think of is the lack of water bottles on the course. Drinking water from cups is not easy when running. Do if you can get all stations to hand out bottles then it would make a big dofference

Adam Douglas said...

Can I Just Add, regarding the music issue, the idea of two radio station jeeps driving in front of the race the whole 26 Miles but providing zero music either there or at any point of the race is just bizarre...
Great race though. Watched at 1, 4.5, 23 & 26 and support was great at all locations

Kevin said...

Cork is a gem of a marathon on a few fronts. I have not lined up for Cork for a few years so parts of the course were new to me. The changes have improved the course immeasurably and miles 12 to 15 were idyllic.
The support along the route was fantastic and very encouraging as always. 'Well done' was ringing in our ears all along the route.
The frequency of the water stations was vital for a June marathon and very much appreciated. I have never run a course that was so well supplied with water stations.
I struggled at times to pick up the mile markers on the poles - perhaps a 'sandwich style' board sitting on the side of the course might do the trick.
Again, many congrats on a great course and terrific organisation.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to all pacers, organisers volunteers Gardai Medics and the members of the public who lined the route in support. You all did Cork proud. I think there might be an issue with the official times for the half, which are about a minute out as commented in an earlier post, but not to worry, we all finished in the places we were assigned. Bikes and a guy with a buggy were a problem but its difficult to see what the organisers can do about it if people are just going to be ignorant. No problem with water stations at all. Again, a great day and thanks again for all the hard work done by everyone.

Kevin. said...

Fantastic day, great running conditions only reservation was cups instead of bottles in second half particularily. Have to almost stop to get a proper drink.Bottles much more runner friendly. Many thanks to the very kind lady who came to my assistance between miles 22 and 23. I had to stop with a severe cramp, she produced a bottle of water, I got going again and finished in 3:28.
Well done Cork.

Gerard said...

Anonymous @ 9.15 pm mentioned kids running out to join thier dad at the finish. As a specter I was a bit surprised and concerned to see so many kids being handed over the barriers or scrambling over themselves to accompany runners through the finish line.On one occasion, 3 kids of about 9 yrs went over the barriers and went hand in hand, presumably with thier dad, through the finish line. Fortunately there werent many runners close but it could have been chaotic if there were. Wonder of the organisers need to look at this issue from a safety view point ?

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed marathon course alot easier than first year. I went with 430 balloon and we didnt get water til we were at blackrock castle .Plenty after that.Great to clock up another marathon. Thank to all who made it possible.

Anonymous said...

The only issue I would have would be the confusion between the relay and marathon runners at the start in particular. Relay runners in a desire to get off as quiockley as possible were particularly agressive and barging pary the marathon runners. My suggestion would be either to start the relay runners at 8am or else 10am.

rom said... should never happen

Anonymous said...

Great day in town.... However ... should the full marathon be started earlier than the relay? It seems a bit demoralising for the marathon winner that the first man to cross the line is in the relay race and not the guy who just ran 26.2 miles.... Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

Loved it. Cork was looking her best on such a nice day. Thanks to all involved.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment 2 above this about starting the relay a wee bit later. Was a great day all in all though. Well done Cork city council it was very well organized apart from the concern above well done... now to more serious matter of my missing wheelie bin

Anonymous said...

tried to leave a comment already but not sure it worked. I ran the full marathon and I thought it was a brilliant day, a real credit to the organisers. The people of cork are fantastic, such wonderful support and friendly encouragement just when it was needed. The organisation was super and I didnt find any issues with the water stations at all. The course was fabulous, lovely variation between city and seaside! I did find it a bit demoralising all the relay runners passing me out but sher that might have spurred me on too! The pacers were fantastic, especially the 3;45 ones who kept me going over the last part, offered advice and encouragement, thanks again lads. Will definately be back next year for some more punishment!!

Anonymous said...

any results from inter-services individual competition?

Anonymous said...

When the marathon winner starts running sub 220 he will finish I. Front of the relay.don't change it

Anonymous said...

First time doing a full Marathon, organised very well great support along the way. Weather was a bonus..

Only small gripe and I am echoing most of the comments above, bottles instead of cups would be good and the lack of either at some stations, whereby us slower runners had to search for half filled bottles, there should be adequate at each station and also at finish.

Overall well done.. I will be back.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the day very well organised. Drove some the course today not a bottle or cup in sight, well done to all those involved in the clean-up must have taken hours

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Superb! very well organised and special mention to the pacers - a shout out to Ruiri from Navy who kept me going right thru... respectfully suggest that relay starts at 10am ie; an hour after marathon. Well done all..

Shane said...

Just in relation to a 'gearoid''s comments re children running across the line with their Dads's, my comment would be grow up, have a child and understand the world doesn't revolve around oneself. All runners worth their salt are both conscious and aware of those around them and if we start putting up 12 foot high barriers so children can't get involved in a family day and a day that for some is one of the best in their lives then god help us! And please, no more cups...bottles please. And thank you to all for a great day out.

Anonymous said...

If you intend to run the marathon at 9 min/mile pace or slower forget about getting a drop of Lucosade. 3 years on the trot now , I pity the guys behind me hoping for a little drop of sweet orange .....

Anonymous said...

Ran the half again this year. Another great day out and a super route. Coming up to the end line, 2 small kids no more the height of my knees ran across me. I'm 6ft 4 and was lucky to see them... In theory it's a great thing -would be a shame if a runner was brought down though.

Anonymous said...

When i read that there was going to be lucozade sport on the table i did not carry any with me. it really threw me towards the end when there was none on the tables. During the last few miles when your playing a lot of mind games something like that can really throw you. Thankfully a lovely girl offered me some. Great day otherwise....

DGM said...

First marathon. I may have been way to nervous/excited to get any sleep the night before, messed up my pace on the day, and missed my target time by 4mins but loved all of it.
A fine day out.

Anonymous said...

ran cork marathon in 3hrs 50 mins,no water or banana provided at finish line ,for 85 euro it was very dissappointing,this is my fourth time doing cork marathon and i must admit it will be my last.james b

John Desmond said...

to James B

There was plenty of water and bananas available at that time. It was over on the right after you finished.

Anonymous said...

TO SHANE @ 5/06/12 10:50 PM

December 25th is for kids.
June 4th was for marathon runners.

Family day out by all means but no need for kids to run over the finish line with parents/guardians. It’s nothing but a hazard, full stop.
Theres a time & place for kids and its not at the finish line with hundreds of other marathon runners

Anonymous said...

My first marathon and I loved it!! Fantastic atmosphere! Thank you to all the organisers, volunteers and supporters (great when people would call out your race no to cheer you on).
I brought my own hand water bottle and filled it with whatever was available along the way (bottle or cup)that worked really well for me.
I finished in just under 4 hours and there was plenty of bananas and water available.
Thanks again to everyone involved and also to this blog, its a God send....I was stuck to the SPR all the way ;-)

Gerard said...

@ Shane, I do have chil;dren myself and believe there are places where they diefinitely shouldnt be - the last twenty metres of a marathon'/halfmarathon is one those places both for their own good and for the good of the runners. One of the features of the race at the finish was runners sprinting to get their PBs or to get under one of the significant times., say 3.00, 3.30 etc. It isnt fair to runners to have to try to avoid children. I am not sure why you feel highlighting this is childish !

Anonymous said...

Just wondering would anybody know when the official marathon commercial photos will be ready in a fashion that you can search by bib number and also which website can you get them

Anonymous said...

Re kids on the course at the finish:
Agree with the majority view. I'm the father of children who come out with banners every year out the course and then dash back into Pana to get a spot near the barriers. I wouldn't dream of allowing them set foot on the finishing strait or in the closed zone behind the finish line. The barriers are there for a reason - the area is for RUNNERS. We know you love your children (we all do). You don't need to show the world...... Outside the barriers please!

Anonymous said...

Ran the half marathon - very well organised but it really annoyed me that the Lucozade sport was gone by the time I got to the designated stations. The roadside was littered with Lucozade bottles that had only a few mouthfulls taken from them.
I'm a slow runner and it took me nearly two and a half hours - a long time with nothing but water - and i got no banana at the end !
Apart from that it was a great day - plenty of water - but think of us plodders . We're out there for a long time and need some sugar !!!!

Anonymous said...

I’m probably alone on this one but like the cups. Not plastic cups. Paper cups can be made into a funnel and easily drank from. A few practice runs and you will get the hang. The bottles are handy but a nightmare when you have tired legs and end up tripping over them after people drop them.

Anonymous said...

This was a fantastic event- I did the half marathon and thoroughly enjoyed it! The organisation was great, from collecting the numbers/chips at the City Hall to bussing us to the start and everything else as well! Superb marshalling, plenty of water/energy drinks/sponges/sweets etc and amazing support from the people of Cork! Loved the fact that members of the public who lived on the route were handing out sweets/oranges too!

Only small complaint was water in cups, I hate it and it disrupts your rhythm! However there were bottles handed out later on the course!

Thankyou for a wonderful experience

Martin (UK)

Anonymous said...

All in all, seems it was a great day with few (very few) minor issues. I ran the relay in 2007 & the full marathon in 2008-2011 inclusive, but took a rest this year. Cork really is the peoples' marathon, a city event with a local touch & Cork humour on the course, magic. I always felt that the kids joining for the last 50 metres was a lovely aspect of the Cork marathon. On that issue, I assume that that parent isn't seeking a PB or to beat a certain time. On that basis, perhaps the parent & kid(s) should stay very near the barriers to avoid possible upset to other athletes or themselves. The parent should agree an entry point pre- race, ie. left or right, at a certain shop. It's up to the guardian then to be on Patrick St. early enough to get near the barrier. That would achieve the best of both worlds. Roll on 2013.

shane said...

To Gearoid,

You know what, in hindsight you might be right. It was my second half and my son wasn't there for my first. I brought him across the line and there was no one around us but i suppose if it became a free for all it would be unmanageable. I was very conscious of the fact there were others pushing for PB's but I do understand your point. Your tone just seemed anti children but it's a fair comment. Apologies if i caused offense. Run run and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I agree re. the bicycles. Apart from the obvious dangers, it's very annoying to see a cyclist on the course helping a competitor while I'm basically on my own (along with most others). Support by way of drinks etc can be given by spectators at any point on the course, so why bicycles?If there are no vehicles on the course, there should be no bicycles.

Donal O'Donoghue said...

Re: Comment from James B regarding water & bananas at the finish line.
I can somewhat sympathize with your comment.
There were indeed plentiful supplies of water and bananas at the finish, on the right hand side as John Desmond has pointed out.
However in my own case, I found the water, but did not initially see the bananas, quite simply because there were people two deep all along the table where they were laid out.
It was only when I saw a few people eating bananas that I asked where they have gotten them, and was given directions.
Likewise I could almost have walked out of the finish area without collecting my medal, if I was not 100% alert.
People who have finished a very long race, especially the full marathon may feel a little lost / disoriented. I’ve met many, at 5 mile races ;)
It would be better if people were simply put into a long chute, where they were given water, bananas, medal, flyers, etc, in specific order and shunted out into the public area as quick as possible.
There were too many people hanging around inside the fenced-off finish area ???
Apart from the bananas, there were some edibles in the goodie bag issued at City Hall, and then there were the flyers for free food at the Sextant, and L'Attitude.

Anonymous said...

Any idea if there is prizes for the teams in the relays? If so who do i contact? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Is it true that there is no official commercial photographs of the marathon

John Desmond said...

For Relay prizes, contact the organisers...

Official Marathon finish line photos....I haven't seen or heard of any.

Gerard said...

@Shane, thanks for post but do not apologise. As a parent and runner I can understand the urge to share the moment with yours kids aand one kid doesnt make a huge difference. What seemed to happen though there was a snowball effect with more and more kids appearing. However I dont feel great moaning on what was obivously a tremendous day for all. Well done. Hopefully the event will continue to grow and grow.

Anonymous said...

Who mentioned chutes?? I thought we had enough of chutes at the BHAA race on the Marina!!!!
A simple idea, for relay participants, only the runner of the final leg need cross the finish line and be in the finish area. I know, there are worthy exceptions, eg the C team. They nearly brought a tear to my eye when I saw them finish together in 2011.

Anonymous said...

What's Derek O Leary doing with a relay number on?

JoeD15 said...

First time marathon runner, felt the race was well organised although i had to take evasive action by the footbridge on the North Mall to avoid being taken out by a rather large lady!! with several facial piercings walking in front of me.

I was also disappointed when registration on Sunday not to get the t-shirt size I ordered despite selecting the size at application. I got a medium after ordering an XL which I need

Steve said...

Ran the half this year, having run the full last year, and thought it was fantastic. Ran with the 1:40 pacers who were great.
No real complaints other than people with headphones that couldnt hear stewards instructions being called out. For me, the folks with headphones in miss out on some of the banter and craic along the way also that would prob be of more help than their music?
I thought the large bottles of lucozade sport just before the straight road were too much as its heavy on the stomach and people threw it away still almost full. Its still a good place to get the kick from it but i wonder could it be provided in smaller bottles? Again, not a complaint, just a suggestion.
Loved the half this year, looking forward to running it even faster next year. Thanks to all involved.

Darren said...

Badly organised event, on registration got a medium t shirt instead of x large, a joke when u pay €85, water station at 8 mile marker had no water!! Relay and half marathon runners had all the energy drinks taken in latter stages when marathon runners need them more, this is a rediculous situation when u have someone who might have ran 2 or 3 miles availing of lucozade leaving someone who has ran 22 go thirsty. Banana and cups of warm water at finish line not enough and public on top of u as soon as u cross the line. I could go on, very disappointing and organisers of Dublin marathon are in a different league. 1st and last cork marathon

Anonymous said...

I did my first half marathon and was very happy with the run. The atmosphere around the route was memorable and finishing through my home town city centre will bring me back again and again. hope to do the marathon next year...legs permitting of course
The only thing that bugged me was the cups of water... you can't drink from a cup if your running and also, the taste of it was awful. the cost of the half marathon was expensive and you would expect bottles of water and maybe cup of water to throw over you. towards the end of the race their was plenty of bottles and also full bottles of lucazade with 3 miles to go. Other than lake of bottles, it was a brilliant race
well done to all

rom said...

"By the way, if you have trouble finding yourself in the big photo galleries, just scan through them quickly to see the Pink pacer balloons and then search accordingly." have the results open and just search for a number from your race and see what time they did it in. Then go forward or back a few pages. Takes about 5 mins to find anyone this way max. Thanks John for the links.

Ben said...

First marathon and really enjoyed it. I haven't read all the comments but I didn't see any thanking the family with the table of oranges on the Tramore Road. I was beginning to suffer at that stage and I can safely say that they were the nicest oranges I have ever eaten. It took alot of cutting etc to have them ready so a big thanks to all concerned. Special mention also for the young ones with the jelly babies on the model farm road.
Great organisation by everyone and I will definitely be back next year.

Stevie said...

Any word on when the official results are out. Curious that my half time reads 1:31:45 and John Cashman counted down for the 3:30hr marathon as I crossed the line?