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Monday, June 11, 2012

Cork News article on six local runners...

This weeks edition of the free newspaper The Cork News has a feature on six local runners from various backgrounds...

Chris Harrington of Leevale AC...the Newbie Runner
John Quigley of Eagle AC...the Cancer Survivor Runner
Amy Desmond...the Dog Runner
Owen Loughrey...the Barefoot Runner
Ger O'Brien...the Marathon Runner
Therese O'Keeffe...the Buggy Runner

The article can be seen HERE


Alan - Ballincollig said...

Thats some progress from a "newbie"! Just goes to show the running talent thats within some people. I had assumed that Chris was years running judging by results.

Chris harrington said...

No- I never played sport growing up. That's why I gave the Interview, I wanted to show people that we can all do it- I also want people who don't run the belief that they can do it too. The way I see it is-" If I can do it , you can do it"


cathal daly running blog said...

really nice article. it's great to read what running means to people and how it can transform peoples lives for the better. Seeing john q and his C team running down pana during the cork marathon is a fantastic thing.

Still can't believe Chris H is only running a short time.Amazing story and it's amazing anyone would run up Pophams road ;-)

John Quigley, C Team - Cancer Survivors said...

Thanks Cathal! It's great for us to be able to do it.
The common public perception is that "you're f@#ked" after a Cancer diagnosis. We just want to show that this isn't always the case (though many are not as fortunate as us).
We got fabulous support all around the course again this year, and the feeling we get coming down Pana is unearthly - we know people are rooting for what we're about - trying to inspire those touched by Cancer in their daily lives.
Thanks everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Great article! Thanks for posting.

I also assumed Chris was someone who was years running.
Ran up pophams rd there last Sunday. Its a good one alright!

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank Cancer Survivor, John Quigley. It has been one week since my prostatectomy. I am a fellow marathoner (and hopefully cancer survivor). John's kindness in sharing his cancer survivial journey on his blogspot has been very helpful for me and, i am sure, for others who have found it. I was ranked No.1 in the world for the marathon in 2009 with my 2:37:19 (i mention that only to emphasise how important it is to get checked. Just because we feel fit and healthy doesn't mean things don't need checking).
Thank you John Quigley for helping a fellow runner to see that it isn't all over after a positive cancer diagnosis.
Cheers from Ron Peters in Autralia.