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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Alistair Cragg finishes 65th in Japanese Half-Marathon...

In the 2012 Kagawa Marugame International Half Marathon in Japan on Sunday (5th Feb 2012), Alistair Cragg finished 65th in a time of 1:03:39.

1. Matthew Kisorio (Kenya) - 1:00:02
2. Daniel Gitau (Kenya/Team Fujitsu) - 1:01:02 - PB
3. Jacob Wanjuki (Kenya/Team Aichi Seiko) - 1:01:03
4. Benjamin Gandu (Kenya/Nihon Univ.) - 1:01:06 - PB
5. Yusuke Takabayashi (Team Toyota) - 1:01:31 - PB

65. Alistair Cragg (Ireland) - 1:03:39

I have no further info as to why he ran what was a slow time for someone of his ability. In the Fukuoka Marathon in Japan last December , he went through the half-way mark in 1:03:29 although he later pulled out of the race. In the New York City Half-Marathon on the 19th of March 2011, he set a new Irish record by running 1:00:49.

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Noel Berkeley said...

63.39 is not a "bad" time. Even so called elite athletes have their off days.