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Friday, February 03, 2012

Audio Podcast on minimalist running...

If you search through the various running sites on the Internet, you'll notice that the big debate on minimalist or barefoot running shoes continues.

I came across this audio podcast which I think gives a pretty good description of what minimalist running is all about and what it's advantages might be. Please note that it is 65 mins long but it's easier the listen to than read through pages and pages of text.

Out of all the points made in podcast, I'll just mention two...

1) If you are making the transition from normal shoes to minimalist shoes then you need to do so slowly. Barefoot type running puts an extra strain on certain parts of the feet and legs and you need to adjust to this slowly.

2) The number of models of minimalist shoes has increased from 5 to 60 in the last year or so. Obviously, the five finger vibrams would have been an early model but it's a crowded market now.

If this barefoot running craze is just a fad then it obviously still has a bit to go.

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