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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Marathon in Kerry in 2013...

It has been announced recently that there is going to be a new Marathon in the town of Tralee in 2013. The planned date is the 16th of March and it looks as if it will incorporate a Half-Marathon as well. The event is going to be called the Tralee International Marathon and the date was selected in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the signing of the Tralee Charter in 1613.

So what's it going to be like? To runners in the Kingdom, it will obviously be on the 'must do' list as it's a local event. For those outside of Kerry, it's another event in an already busy road race calendar. The numbers in the Marathon itself are likely to be pretty small...maybe 200?...while the Half-Marathon will probably attract the bulk of the runners.

For the last few years, I have been posting race results for Kerry on the Running in Munster website and it's obvious that most of the races in Kerry are in the Killarney area. Tralee as a town has a larger population yet for it's size, it has relatively few races in comparison. This new event should get more people out running in the Tralee area and that might kick start some more activity in the north Kerry region. Overall, a positive development.


Thomas said...

Tralee International Marathon = TIM ???

The last 2 years there has been some talk about a Killarney marathon around that date, but it never happened. Do you know if the organisers moved the proposed venue to Tralee, or is this done by a different crowd?

Anonymous said...

is there not a marathon in Killarney 2012..? marathon of the lakes i think its called.

Anonymous said...

great to see that. fills in a nice gap for me.

anyway who is it organising it?

for the record how many marathons in ireland these days-15/16?

Paudie said...

At least 1 a month this stage. Anyone for January, February, July and November

March Tralee
April connemara
May Limerick
June Cork
August Longford
September Dingle
October Dublin
December clonakilty

John Desmond said...'s a different crowd organising it. Other the comment left above, I have heard nothing alse about a Marathon in Killarney. There was talk 1-2 years ago but it came to nothing.

Anonymous said...

John, There is talk of a marathon alright but no updates on the site since it was launched a few weeks ago.
Not sure if still going ahead. Prices look very reasonable, but again no idea of what is included.

Paudie, There was a marathon in Sixmilebridge last November. Not sure if it is on again this year or not. June will also see Waterford have a marathon this year.

Anonymous said...

plus portuma marathon, donadea in feb, kildare in june, roscommon has one, belfast in may/june!!!