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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

US runner Larry Macon sets new annual Marathon record...

San Antonio attorney Larry Macon broke his own Guinness world marathon record for the third time when he completed the New Year's Eve Marathon last Saturday. The competition marks his 113th marathon of 2011, breaking his own mark set last year. Heading into Saturday's race, Macon, who turned 67 that day, had amassed almost 3,000 miles running in 2011, gone through a dozen pairs of shoes and logged roughly 200,000 miles in flying. He now has run 823 marathons during his lifetime.

"When your weekend itinerary usually involves running two—sometimes three—marathons, there's always a plane to catch or a long drive ahead to get to the next starting line. If I have time, I'll shower at the hotel," says the five-hour marathoner. "But usually life isn't that good. So I'll change at a stoplight. I've gotten good at it. I haven't been arrested for indecent exposure yet."

His first Guinness world Marathon record was back in 2008 when Macon ran 105 races of 26.2 miles or more in a year. (The previous record was 100). Macon says the achievement is a reflection of his logistical skills rather than his athleticism. The Yale graduate, who earned his law degree at the University of Texas, started running in 1992 and tried his first marathon on a dare in 1996. "After that, I knew what was coming," says his wife, Jane. "Larry never does anything casually." In 2006, he ran 79 marathons/ultras; in 2007, he did 93. "I've always been driven," Macon says. "I used to work most weekends. My co-workers say that my running is the best thing that happened to them. Now they don't have 400 e-mails waiting for them on a Monday morning."

In a typical year, Macon would spend approx $8,000 on race registration fees. His personal best time is 4:15 which was set back in 2008.

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