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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Results of the Bay Run Half-Marathon - Sun 1st May 2011

This Half-Marathon in Bantry in West Cork attracted a record field of just over 1200 this year which is well up on the previous figures of roughly 900, 900 and 800 for the last 3 years.

The winner of the mens race was local man Alan O'Shea of Bantry AC in a time of 72:46 on what is a hilly course.

The ladies race was won by Joyce Wolfe in a time of 86:54.

From what I hear, some of the issues like the baggage area which caused problems last year have been resolved and the event went smoothly. I also hear that the Raheny Shamrock Malin to Mizen Relay run went through at around the same time as the race.

Did you do this race? What did you think? Better than last year? Click on the Comment link below to leave your opinion.

Results......I notice that the official results are in Excel format which everyone may not have. So I have them HERE where you can see them without any special software.


Anonymous said...

I must say I had an excellent experience. Well organised, great atmosphere, good challenging course and lots of encouragement along the way from both the locals and stewards. Good quality tech.t and medal. Free hot tubs and massages. Was my first half and I could not have chosen a better one. Congratulations to the organizers. I will be back.
Dee, Cork.

Anonymous said...

I was apprehensive after last years problems with the bag area. But I have to say the organisers put on a great event yesterday. The whole thing went very smoothly. Well done to all involved. Will definitely do it again next year!
John, Cork.

Anonymous said...

1st time doing this race,was very impressed.Great under armour t-shirt(maybe best race t-shirt around?!)and a medal.was very easy to collect chip etc at start and the traffic didnt seem a problem,will def be back

Anonymous said...

This was my 5th year doing the Bay run, and for sure this was the most proffessional. No issue with Bags at the end ,all sorted in big tent area with plenty of stewards. Great support all the way. Windy Conditions made it more challenging this year. Hope to be back again. Pat

Anonymous said...

can somebody tell me if their garmin clocked 13.20miles for this race,went on garmin connect and there are 5 other runners watches clocked .1 miles too much,do they know its suppose to be 13.1miles!!!

John Desmond said...

If your Garmin measured 0.1 miles too long then that's a good sign.

1) GPS watches are NOT super accurate
2) The course is meaasured by taking the racing line...i.e. corner to corner. You would have taken many of those bends wide and when you add them up, they amount to a fair bit extra.
3) They add on a very small percentage to the course to make 100% sure that it is at least the correct distance.

If you run a Half-Marathon with a GPS watch and you measure 13.1 miles exactly then you should be worried that the course is too short.

Anonymous said...

I like thank everyone involved in the race for great race well steward great support from the locals and afterwards with the hot tubs. i would have like small bottles of water on the course as it was very hilly but i will be back next year with more people

Anonymous said...

Like the other contributors, I had an excellent experience in this my second Bay Run. The only gripe that I would have is water distribution in plastic cups (rather than small plastic bottles)- a pet hate of mine. I find it difficult to take in water, whilst in full stride - again a minor gripe.

John Desmond said...

Bottles Vs Cups is always a contentious issue. Bottles are easier to drink out of but then the organisers will end up with bottles thrown everywhere between the water stations and the finish line.

Anonymous said...

John, it would be a great help if they listed the running club. This was part of the registration and helps to review after.

Anonymous said...

First year doing the run as well and was very impressed everything seem to run very smoothly at both the start and finish lines as well as the race hq number collection. The course itself was very tough in parts but nicely evened out with some long downhill sections I was a little apprehensive about it with some of the reviews I read as people made it out to be an extremely hard course but it isn’t as bad as people made it out to be. All in all a excellent race and will certainly be back next year!

Anonymous said...

One of the best organised events I have ever taken part in.
Loads of buses beforehand to drop us to Glengarrif. 5 mins to get race number and chip. Great atmosphere among stewards, gardai and spectators. Big finishing area and lots of water, nutrition bars and bananas at the end. The Tech Tshirt is the best I have received after any race(including Dungarvan).
All in All a great day. The Bar has been raised for this type of event. Take a bow anyone who was involved in this event.

chiv said...

A well organised race and i was delighted with the great bus service to and from Bantry, very organised and i thoroughly enjoyed it thou tough enough run:) great medals too and very impressive t-shirt. Found the same with d water stations thou,had more water al over my face than in my mouth with d water cups, think the small bottles would be easier for runners:)

Anonymous said...

Water cups are a disaster, this is a big cost event (50 Euro plus) and they should do better here, 250ml small bottles and a water sponsor should be achievable and should be seriously considered, Course is a nice route though.
What was the story with the first timing mat?

Keith (Cork)

ElmerM said...

Yeah, I'd also like to know about the timing mat... my text message said it was at the half way point but I could swear it was after mile 5. Then on the website, we have two 'splits' before our finish time (I don't remember a second timing mat on the course at all, did anyone else?).

Also, I know I just managed to pass someone before the finish line but the second split on the website put me 1 minute ahead of him at that point which makes no sense.

That said, I thought it was a fantastic race - buses, t-shirts, general organisation, buzz, etc, all worked really well.

Anonymous said...

Bay Run is a great event on a lovely scenic course.
But pity the t-shirts were not available in Ladies as well as mens sizes. All us slim petite runners are lost in them so of no use at all. Had expected a snug fit under armour top????
Also, category prizes ? Would expect cash prizes from this price entry fee. Free entry to Bay Run 2012 is not acceptable.
More water on the street at finish line too please. We runners need water on finishing.
Easy to know organisers are not runners !!!!

Anonymous said...

I know the organisers and I'm fact one is a keen runner taking part in many events.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the run - it's a beautiful route. There is room for improvement though:

1. It's not acceptable that the t-shirts were only available in Men's size medium or large. Obviously these are unsuitable for many of the female runners.

2. The water cups are very difficult to manage. There should be small bottles at the water stations.

3. I thought that there weren't enough stewards towards the end of the race. The traffic was very heavy and runners had to cross the road - it was quite dangerous.

These issues would need to be addressed before i'd pay to enter the race again.