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Friday, May 27, 2011

Results of the Ballyandreen 5 Mile Road Race - Thurs 26th May 2011

A total of 480 runners turned out in a very cool and windy Ballyandreen in East Cork for what was the first race of 4 in the Ballycotton 5 Mile Summer Series. While the number of finishers was the second biggest ever, only 19 broke the 30 minute barrier. In 2010, the number was 39 while 21 and 20 broke the 30 minutes in 2008 and 2009. Looking back 20 years to 1991 and 1992, 84 broke the half-hour. The biggest number was 85 in 1994 when 238 finished..........(with thanks to John Walshe for the stats)

 Roy Fahy receiving the Michael Morrison Memorial Trophy from
Paul O'Sullivan-Hourihan, grandson of the late Michael

The winner of the mens race was Roy Fahy of East Cork AC, a former winner of the 2008 Cork City Marathon. Roy's time of 26:53 was around 30 secs ahead of John Meade of St.Finbarr's AC in 2nd place with 27:24. In 3rd place, Liam Slattery finished in 28:42.

Denis McCarthy of East Cork AC and John Hallihan of Leevale AC heading for
the 4 mile mark. Denis has managed to get in a run every day since June 1985
and will have run for 9,500 consecutive days in June 2011

In the ladies event, Claire McCarthy of St.Finbarrs AC was the clear winner finishing in a time of 29:02 and also finshed 8th overall. In 2nd place, Rhona Lynch of Eagle AC ran 30:23 while Niamh Walsh of Leevale AC finished 3rd in 31:10.

In most races that you go to these days, there is always some sort of hub or central location to it. It might be in a village and the local sports hall or community centre is used. Ballyandreen is unusual in that respect in that it essentially started out many years ago as a small race for local runners and became a large race today that attracts almost 500 runners from a wide area. An event like this would be impossible to hold without the help of the local community.....from the parking in the the house where the entries were the house of Paul O'Sullivan-Hourihan (pictured above) where the refreshments and prizes were given out.

Results.........the full results can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

Great nite for a trot out around east Cork ... was it just me or was the hill before "The Beast" almost as tough ? Fair play to all concerned in organising for a super event - and all for a fiver.

Anonymous said...

Ballycotton series gets better and better away on time and no delay in the finishing funnels.
Maybe next year the teas and prizegiving might be moved up to the changing area as the hill up is a killer after 5 miles
Well done to all concerened.
Looking foward to the next race in June

Nicola said...

It was a great race as always. I'm on a high today as I took 7 mins and 7 seconds off last years time. I wouldn't let the hill beat me this time.
Can't wait for Shanagarry

mags said...

fab run hills a little tough but well able will be back:) well done to all the organisers

Anonymous said...


John Desmond said...

Ouch...easy on the CAPS ;o)

I have often found my times to be roughly the same for all 4 races. Shanagarry has a bit of a climb as well.

I wouldn't class any of them as been really bad.

Anonymous said...

Hi John
Not being picky but Denis McCarthy has run for a lot longer than 16 years-you have 1995 as year. Should be 1985? Love the new layout

Anonymous said...

sound thanks John caps sorted now!!!

Carmel said...

Race start time was 8 o'clock. By 10 past 10 the prizegiving was finished,tea served,the registration and changing marquees packed away. Some organisation !!

John Desmond said...

Opps! Typo....checked my e-mail again...1985 it is.


Anonymous said...

Well done to all who competed. I cant help but be disappointed with the decline in people doing under thirty minutes for five miles. But being positive its great to see so many people competing. and having great craic.

Anonymous said...

I would not worry to much about the sub 30 thing the other night,there were many athletes that would easily break 30 mins but were not there on the night, so a little harsh comparing with many Years ago,

Anonymous said...

any photos!