Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Belfast 24h Ultra Race...22nd July 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Belfast 24h Ultra Race...22nd July 2011

First...a quick course preview....dead hills......incredibly accurate....loop course....plenty of other runners on the sounds perfect........except for a few 'minor' details.

The 'course' is the Mary Peters 400 metre sports track in Belfast......and you basically run around in circles for as long as you can.............and the race is 24 hours long!

This will be the 2nd year of this event. Last year, four athletes went beyond 100 miles with 17 going over 80 miles. The event was won by Fermanagh’s Thomas Maguire with a distance of 127 miles.

If anyone is interested, then for further information or an entry form contact: Ed Smith on 00447740818389 or at

WARNING...This video contains images of crazy people ;o)


Anonymous said...

how does someone prepare for a 24 hour race and do the walk/run or run/run? also how do they eat? Seriously!!! You might have a idea John?

John Desmond said...

Lots of long and very slow runs.

As for food, thing like gels are ok for 'shorter' races like a Marathon but as you can see in the video, you need to eat proper food as well just like you would in a normal day.

Unknown said...

Oh my god - that is mental (she says secretly wishing she was able for it!!!) I've cut back to shorter distances this year as I don't have the time to train for more than the 1 marathon...that looks fabulous! But how would you keep yourself from getting bored of the same surroundings for that long?