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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking ahead to the Fota Cheetah 4 mile race...Thurs19th May 2011

This 4 mile race in Fota Wildlife Park reached the quota of 800 runners last Tuesday evening and no entries will be taken on the night.

For those of you who have pre-entered...

Getting there.....For anyone coming from outside Cork then the easiest way to get there is from the M25 Cork to Midleton road and take the road for Cobh. Just before Belvelley Bridge, the entrance to the Fota Wildlife Park is on your right.

Follow the stewards directions for parking.

Numbers.......There will be 4 desks on the night where people can get their race number. Note that with 800 people, it will still be very busy and there will be 4 queues....1-250, 251-500, 501-750 and 751-1000. Make sure you join the correct one!

There is a list of race numbers HERE

Not everyone is listed so if you are not there, don't worry. There will be lists of numbers posted outside the entrance hall so you can get your number then.

It would help if you could arrive as early as possible, say before 7pm so that there isn't a huge bottleneck later around 7:30pm.

Race......please note that headphones are not allowed.

There is a new route this year so people won't be running on the main road outside, everything will be within the park.

The roads as seen above are the typical width. The start is likely to be very crowded so if you are not going for a fast time, stay near the back and just enjoy the occasion. There are a few small hills but really nothing serious. It could be considered to be a reasonably fast course.

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