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Friday, March 25, 2011

Next road race in Cork....the Mallow 10 mile on Sun 27th Mar 2011

The Mallow 10 mile road race on Sunday the 27th of March is the next big race in Cork and is likely to attract in excess of 700 runners. Most of the regulars will know that this race was supposed to be on at the start of January but had to be cancelled due to icy conditions at the time. This will be the 3rd race of 4 in the Munster Ten-Mile Spring Classics Series.

Entries....You can enter on the day for €20 at the race HQ at Mallow Youth Centre between 10:00am and 11:30 am. If however, you enter online before 1pm on Friday the 25th, you will only pay €15.

You can enter online HERE. All on-line entrants can pick up their numbers at the Race HQ (Mallow Youth Centre) before 12:00 noon on Sunday.

The race starts at 12:30pm

More info.....In preparation for the race in January, I have already put up all the info required in earlier postings so there isn't much point in putting them up again. Just click on the links below...

Race HQ....How to get there....and more race details in this previous post.

Race Course.....See this previous post which should give you a good idea of what the course is like.

Changes from the January details.....

1) 60 Min looks like the 60 minute pacer picked up an injury so there won't be one on Sunday. If anyone would like to pace 60 minutes on Sunday then they should contact Paudie Birmingham of Mallow AC asap. Needless to say, to pace 60 minutes, your recent 10 mile time should probably be 58 minutes or below!

Updated....Sat 6pm
2) Pacing Balloons.....Balloon colours for tomorrow.

70 minutes will have a red balloon. / 80minutes will have a yellow balloon. / 90 minutes will have a green balloon.


Anonymous said...

Have to do 17 miles as part of marathon training program this Sunday and really want to do Mallow. whats the best way to go about the 17 miles. Do 10 and drive home and do the other 7??? I dont really know mallow so making up the 7 there doesnt tickle my fancy? Any suggestions as I would really like to do mallow. the company for ten miles would be great!

John Desmond said...

I'd be inclined to do all 17 in Mallow. The start line is a mile from the hall so getting there and the race is 11 miles anyway.

Arrive 11am?...Get your 6 miles...3 out & back on hard shoulder of Killarney road?......back to car...get some down to race...back to hall for a cuppa...job done

Anonymous said...

Lots of routes around Mallow to get all your 17mile done. You could run from mallow youth centre (where you collect your race number) run up to start line (1 mile approx), run the first 4 miles of the Mallow 10 route (which will bring you just short of the Cork Racecourse), then turn back and run back towards Mallow 10 finish line, down the park road, over the bridge and back up to Mallow 10 start line. That should give you 7-8miles before start of race. Hope this is of help, Dave Lyons, Mallow AC

Anonymous said...

Ya John that sounds like a good idea. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

As the numbers are pretty large there was only one men's cubicle available at the hall. and a q of 20 or so to use it is no fun. One or two portoloo's would not be a bad idea with the growing numbers.

Another point is that the q for tea/sambo's after could be decreased if cups were poured instead of asking everyone t or coffee and then pouring. if someone was constantly pouring and people could take them themselves would speed it all up.


Anonymous said...

John thanks for the advice about doing the 17 miles. i went down early and did 7 before running the ten and it wasnt all that bad. Was two minutes slower than ballycotton so i was pleased with that considering the extra distance I had done before it! The race was great.