Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the 2011 Ballycotton '10' race...Sun 6th March 2011

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Results of the 2011 Ballycotton '10' race...Sun 6th March 2011

Photo courtesy of John Hennessy

Almost 2,400 runners turned out for the 2011 Ballycotton '10' race in what were overcast but mild conditions, perfect for anyone wanting to set a fast time for this course.

The mens race was won by Sergiu Ciobanu of Clonliffe Harriers in a time of 49:36. Looking at the pictures for the 6 mile mark, Sergiu was trailing Alan O'Shea by a good few seconds so he must have really put in a strong finish to pass Alan and stay ahead of him. Alan O'Shea's time was 49:58 while Sean Hehir of Rathfarnham-WSAF AC was almost a minute behind in 50:57.

In the ladies section, local woman Lizzie Lee of  Leevale A.C. won in a time of 58:48. Lizzie has won many of the local shorter races but this is easily the best result of her career to date. Just 31 seconds behind was marathon runner Angela McCann of Clonmel AC in 2nd place while Catherine Conway of Mayo AC was 3rd in a time of 60:15.

Results.....(Updated 20th March)......The official results are out now....

Updated version of official results with 5 mile splits also included.... HERE

The official results in PDF format can now be seen HERE

(Updated 10th Mar)
Top 30 women....including and excluding category runners......HERE

Top 20 women in each category...HERE

Top men in each category.....HERE

Johnny O'Sullivan (Galtee Runners AC)
Angela McCann (Clonmel AC - 2nd woman)
and Rob Patterson (St.Finbarr's AC) heading for the finish

1) There is a gallery of 836 photos before the 6 mile mark on the Eagle AC website HERE

....and 3 photo albums from Paudie Birmingham of Mallow AC. You can put yor feet up and watch a series of slideshows.....
2) There is a slideshow of 154 photos near the start HERE.
3) There is slideshow of 513 photos near the finish line HERE
4) ...and a slideshow of 501 photos of slower runners near the finish HERE
....or if you want to go through each album and look for individual photos, have a look at Paudies website

5) Commercial photos of the finish line HERE

6) Andy Gibson of Eagle AC has a gallery of 167 photos just after the start HERE

7) Gearoid O'Laoi has a gazillion photos on his photo gallery HERE

8) (Updated 7pm 7th Mar...200 photos added) Evin has a large gallery of 758 photos with many shots of the finish line with clock. Click HERE

9) Gordon Thomson has a small gallery of 31 galleries. There are some really nice ones in there...have a look at this short slideshow HERE (Added 9am 8th Mar 2011)

10) The Evening Echo have a limited number of commercial photos available. Click HERE and put  'Ballycotton' into the search box. (Added 9th Mar)

11) There is another gallery of 91 photos HERE (Added 9th Mar)

This is a video of the start of the 2011 Ballycotton '10'. From a runners point of view, this is something most of us never get to see....the start and the 2m 20s it takes everyone to cross the start line.

Another video clip showing the start from a slightly different point of view...

This 3rd video shows the runners at around the 300m mark just after the start. It's a pretty good video and it's easy to pick out a few of the usual faces...

How did the race go for you? What did you think of the day overall? Click on the comment link below...


Barry said...

Did my first Ballycotton 10 today, great race. I was amazed by the massive voluntary effort involved eg there was a fella directing traffic in cloyne at 10.15am! Loved the day out and will defo be back!plus a pb is always nice!

Derek said...

My first Ballycotton . weather was prefect for running. Everyone involved in the set up should be very proud of themsleves, excellent day out delighted i done it , will be back again.

Anonymous said...

Did my first Ballycotton today, and i feel great. It was an ideal day for the race which was so well organised. It is a great boost to get to pass out so many people (thanks to pacing myself- alot to do with being restricted in the first 2 miles). I'll be back!

Larkin said...

My first experience of the Ballycotton '10' also. Only negative is having to get there so early and freezing your nads off for 2 hours. Otherwise an excellent experience, very well marshalled, and a good challenging course that rewards those who keep a little in reserve for the finish.

Times seem a bit faster this year than last. I would have finished over 100 places higher with the same time last year. Is that down to weather conditions or the standard of entries, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Another fantastic event today. The community spirit and voluntary effort are an example for all of us. Thank you Ballycotton for a great day out.

Glenn said...

another great day and a PB to boot. One thing that annoyed me, and was nothing to do with the race itself was a guy at the baggage area handing out leaflets (face down) for money lending! It's a real sign of the times but on a more serious note, I don't think Ballycotton is the place for this sort of nonsense. Lets keep financial ruin out of a great sporting event.

Anonymous said...

Another great Ballaycotton under our belts! Loved this year's mug, a little pity fancier than usual!! Any chance of bottles of water at the water-stations??? I'd be very happy to pay a euro more to enter in order to have adequate water. Really enjoyed the day though!

Evin said...

While cheering on my friends, I snapped around 700 photos at the finish line (and a handful of stills plus a video a short distance from the start of the race). All are on Flickr and tagged for
If you see yourself and feel like commenting on the pic, I'd love it.

Eileen on the run said...

I love the video of the 2min start!!
Ballycotton, as always, was super-organised & a pleasure to run. The support throughout the course is a real boost so thanks to everyone out there shouting us on.