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Friday, February 25, 2011

Races this weekend...26th & 27th Feb 2011

There are no races in Cork this weekend but there are in neighbouring counties.

On Sat 26th, Gneeveguilla AC are holding a 5k race in Killarney, Co.Kerry. This is the 1st of 4 races in their 5k series which have proved to be very popular with runners in the Kingdom. The entry fee is only €5 and it starts at 11am.

On Sun 27th, there are 2 races to choose from. In Castleconnell to the NE of Limerick, there is a 10 km road race at 2pm. In West Waterford, there is a 10 km road race in Dungarvan. The entry fee is €8 and it starts at 11am.

More details on all of these race on the Running in Munster website.


Anonymous said...

What time is the dungarvan race
on ,because it said on the west waterford website it is 11 am and on your site it is 2pm ?

John Desmond said...

Opps! You're's 11am. Now updated.

Thanks for the correction.

Anonymous said...

All the Fine Gael adverts on this website today are hurting my eyes! I love coming to this website for a break and to get away from the daftness in the non-running world.

John Desmond said...

Those adverts are served up by Google Ads. They seem to be all over the place today on loads of different websites. I presume they'll be gone by tomorrow.

At least there's no pictures :o))

Anonymous said...

They're gone thank God. Phew!