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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Results of the Mallow 10 Mile Road Race...Sun 7th Feb 2010
Just over 500 runners turned out for this 10 mile road race in North Cork which is pretty impressive considering that it was only 1 week after the Dungarvan 10 and it had to be cancelled from it's original date in early January. Last year, they got 576 runners and if the weather had been kinder in early January, they may well have got somewhere in the region of 700 entries instead.
Despite a bit of a breeze, the conditions for the race were pretty good. A bit dull but it was cool and dry which was the main thing. A lot of the faces present today were also present in Dungarvan last week and judging from some of the times, the short gap of a week between the 10 mile races was enough for most people to recover and post some fine times in Mallow.

The full results are now available HERE.
(Sorry about the broken link earlier today. Mallow AC changed the name of the results file so the link had broken as a result. It should be ok now)

The category results are available HERE.

By the way, this was the 2nd race in the John Buckley Sports Munster Ten-Mile Spring Classics Series and the results after 2 races should be available soon.

Photos...(Updated Tues 9th)
There were plenty of cameras out along the course and there should be loads of photos available soon.

1) To get the ball rolling, we have 3 short albums from Eddie Keogh of Eagle AC...

2) Another batch here from Paudie Birmingham...

3) Loads of commercial photos of the finish line HERE.
4) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a large gallery of 329 photos HERE.
5) Jorge Ruiz Villasante has an excellent gallery HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hi John, I don't have access to the full results link.. not sure it's working! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Donal: Mallow AC made a change late Sunday night, and the "Complete" results URL has a %201 (ie a space and a digit 1) thrown in now.

But there's several issues, so they may tweak it further.

John Desmond said...

Link now fixed...