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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Results of the Eagle AC 5 Mile Road Race in Carrigaline...Sun 28th Feb 2010
After a heavy frost last night, it was touch and go for a while as to whether this race would go ahead. After leaving home to help out at the race, it was obvious that there were icy spots on the roads. However, I should have known that the race director for the 2010 race, Joe Roche had everything in hand. After the cancellation of several races recently due to ice, Joe was taking no chances and was busy browsing his favourite E-Bay website over the last few weeks. On arriving at the sports hall, I found out that Joe had been out since the early hours of this morning clearing the course with his latest purchase.

Joe also asked me to mention on the blog that he is able to offer his services to other race organisers in case there is a cold snap again. So if the lads in Mallow AC are reading this then there is no need to cancel the Mallow 10 again next year...just give Joe a buzz and he'll be up with the Terminator 4000. Joe also mentioned that certain terms and conditions would apply.....he cannot be held responsible for things like road markings, road signs, small dogs and the like.

Results and Photos...
There were 206 finishers this year which is down on last year's figure of 263.

The full results can be seen HERE

Photos of the race leaders can be found HERE

Photos of the finish line can be seen HERE


Donal O'Donoghue said...

It's good to see that the "Kettle Bomber" has diversified into the more useful Climate Change area.
Maybe he should have tried that "Icarus" Satellite system in James Bond's 2002 "Die Another Day"?

In any case he did a perfect job, and there wasn't a sign of Frost or Ice anywhere near Carrigaline.

I hope the whinger who posted the comment on the preview takes note that a significant cheque was presented to an appreciative Carrigaline Meals & Wheels.

Well done Eagle AC!

Anonymous said...

I thought this race was excellent- tough course but a great sunday morning event. Perfect weather, great stewarding and excellent catering afterwards. well done eagle ac.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Donal I am the person who you refer to as the Whinger .
I ran the race yesterday and really enjoyed it . I am delighted for the charity in question .
I do think though that there would have been more participation if the entry fee was lower .
- its just an opinion guys , agree/dissagree no matter to me I`ll still be running all the races no matter the cost .

Anonymous said...

I hope Donal O'Donoghue dosn't think I am another whinger but one is entitled to ones opinion and the least I expect for 10 Euro is an accurate course and I do NOT believe that Mile 4 was correctly marked.Well done on an great race otherwise.

Colin O'Herlihy said...

I want to echo the sentiments of the previous poster. Excellent stewarding, lots of refreshments, spot prizes galore, even perfect weather. Superbly well organised race. So why were the numbers down nearly a quarter on last year?

John Quigley said...

Hi John,
Wrt, the comment re the 4 mile mark being wrong - Hands up!

I goofed and marked the road at the wrong point. However the race was the full 5 mile distance and the other marks were correct.

I am personally embarrassed and apologise for the mistake.

Donal O'Donoghue said...

Sorry, maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but as prices go, this really is middle of the road.
Cheap = BHAA & Ballycotton as low as 1 EUR/mile
Expensive = Boherbue-Kiskeam - 3 EUR/mile (but you get a teeshirt)

I would tend to agree that '4' may have been out of place. I would have expected to see it sooner? But it's just a feeling, as I did not record split times.

I'd say numbers are down because of the cold weather.
e.g. Compare with Eagle's other race at Fota, which was utterly swamped in 2009.

Summer Time begins in 27 days ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought the race was excellently organised and €10 entry fee was appropriate. For that sum we got bottles of sports drink, water, a measured course, excellent stewarding, tea sandwiches and jaffa cakes and €2 went to charity. well done to your club.