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Friday, February 26, 2010

Preview of the Eagle AC 5 mile Road Race (Carrigaline) - Sun 28th Feb (11am)
This 5 mile road race takes place next Sunday, the 28th of February at 11am in Carrigaline, just South of Cork City. Normally, this race takes place just before the Ballycotton '10'. This year however, there is a full 3 week gap between the two so you have loads of time to recover.

Directions & Parking...See the map above. If you are coming from Cork (top of map), take the left at the 2nd roundabout as you enter the town. This is the relief road and you should see a signpost for Crosshaven. Go through the next major junction with traffic lights and take the first right into the car park. 

Sign-On & Registration...This takes place in the local community centre. It is only about 200 metres or so from the car park. Note that there is only limited car parking available near the community centre and parking on the main road is strictly forbidden. The entry fee is €10 with €2 of this going to a local charity.

If you are still not too sure about where the community hall is, click on this LINK. Make sure the 'MAP' option is selected and you can zoom in and out to get your bearings.

Weather......As always, the weather is a factor with any race at this time of year. It's probably likely that the race will go ahead but be sure to check for the latest info before you make the trip. There will be a course inspection on the morning of the race.

The Course...It's not the flatest of races with a few drags out along the course but nothing too bad. You start about 500 metres East of the Community Centre in a housing estate (When you come out of the community centre, turn right and follow everyone else to the start). The road is fairly wide at the start and by the time the runners reach the main road, the field should be well spread out. There is nothing special about the first 2 miles. It's pretty flat with a few tiny hills and you can expect your first mile time to be very fast. Note that the road here is not closed so watch out for any cars. Just before the 2 mile mark, you turn left into probably the most serious hill of the race which is about 400 metres long. It's not so bad if you take it handy. Then through 2 kinks in the road and down into the village of Shanbally. Left past the church, climb slightly and then fall downhill to the 3 mile mark, all inside the hard shoulder of the main road. At about 3.5 miles, you turn left off the main road and then you have the next climb. It's pretty short but enough to get you into trouble if you push too hard. Then you run downhill to the 4 mile mark which is in a hollow and then climb back out at the other side. This is the 3rd real hill in the race and the least serious. After that, nearly all of the running is flat or slightly downhill as you finish through the housing estates. After the last corner, which is a sharp left, the finish is about 70 metres away so you should see it in plenty of time. So overall, probably not a course for getting PB's but it's not too bad either. The 11am start is a good idea. It means people can go there, do the race, go home and still have the afternoon free.

If you want to have a closer look at the course, you can find it on the MapMyRun website. 

A flyer for the race should be available HERE.


Anonymous said...

10 Euro for the Eagle 5 .....
Lads are the prices going up ?
Typical Irish mentality .....
I hope this trend does not continue .

Anonymous said...

If you take time to read the race info you will see that 2 euro will from each entry fee will be donated to a local charity.

Anonymous said...

I did take the time to read the full race info.
And understand the 8 + 2 concept .
My opinion remains as stated above .

Anonymous said...

Loads of races are charging a tenner or more for races, and have been doing this for quite a while, and most give nothing to charity so how come its only now you're moaning?

The Great Ireland 10k in Dublin next month is €29 minimum!

€10 is chickenfeed for a race, especially when a charity is benefiting also. I don't see any club can break even at those prices.

On the other hand, people seem to be queueing up to pay €70/80/90 for carpetbagger events that purely commercial enterprises and contribute nothing towards clubs or the sport.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm far from alone among runners in contributing to charity. I certainly don't begrudge giving €2 to a charity like meals on wheels