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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Video clips of the 2009 Dublin City Marathon...
Now that almost a week has passed since the Dublin City Marathon, a number of video clips have appeared.

The first video clip above was taken a few hundred metres after the start (...and I even managed to make an appearance in this one ;o)
When I arrived at the start of the race, it was obvious that the crowd was big but it was difficult to judge how big it was. By the time I had passed the point where the camera was (....~1:53 in the video), from my point of view, the road seemed to be packed with runners. It's only when the video clip gets to around 3:25 that you get to see the true scale of the Dublin Marathon. It's pretty amazing to that many people running together.

This 2nd short clip above shows a section which was just after O'Connell street I think?

This short clip above is near the 21 mile mark (~2h 31m mark).

...and again, another short clip at the 21 mile mark but this time around 2h 40m.

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