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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Results and Photos of the 2009 Dublin City Marathon...26th Oct 2009 (Updated 1st Nov)
Conditions were ideal in Dublin for the Marathon.....dry, bright, not too warm and very little wind. The field for the Marathon was huge with in excess of 10,000 runners taking part with loads of support from the public out along the route. Looking around, it was obvious that a large number of runners from Cork travelled up for the event.
Results.......the results can be found HERE. Just one note...they seem to have got the clock time and chip time mixed. Obviously, the faster time is the chip time which is your actual time...i.e. the time it took you to cross the start mat and finish line. are a few for the moment...
1) A large gallery of 500 photos HERE.
2) Another 500 HERE.
3) Another 500 HERE.
4) Another 500 HERE.
5) Another 500 HERE.
6) Another 500 HERE.
7) Another 500 HERE.
8) There is a large database of photos at RacePix365. Just enter your bib number.
9) John Quigley of Eagle AC took loads of photos.........173 near the 1 mile mark at College Green, 170 at the 10.5 mile mark near Kilmainham and 203 at 24.5 miles at Beggars Bush.
10) A small selection of colourful photos HERE.
11) 50 photos by Kieran Connolly HERE.
12) 28 photos by Helen Mulvey HERE.
13) 71 photos mainly of the front runners HERE.
14) 34 photos HERE.
15) Around 1500 photos! at Chapelizod.
16) 175 photos HERE.
18) Almost 1,800 photos HERE.
19) A small gallery of 27 photos HERE.
20) Waterford AC have a small gallery mainly of their own runners HERE.
21) A small gallery of 29 photos near the start.
22) A small gallery showing some of 1st 62 men and 6 women finishing.
23) A very small gallery of 21 photos showing some of the runners between 2:43 and 3:04 finishing.


Anonymous said...

great time yesterday John...well done+ recover well!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure I write on behalf of many when I say a very special word of THANKS to the very many people who travelled up from Cork to support those of us who ran the marathon.Your support was greatly appreciated.On a personal note I thought I was hitting the Wall or hallucinating when I saw Monica Twohig handing out water at a water station.Not only does she do trojan work for the BHAA in Cork she had to show the Dubs how to do it as well.Well done Monica you and your fellow supporters( too many to name) did "Cork Proud" again.
Danny Mc Carthy
Midleton AC

Anonymous said...

Thanks Danny,
I like 99% of us fantasic breed of (nutters)we have been called worse?
do it for the love of the sport and know how much it helps to get a word of encouragement /drink to help us through our pain..wel done to you on yet another great achievement Monica

JQ said...

Here's Monica in Dublin:,com_gallery2/Itemid,86/?g2_itemId=34811

Ger said...

Well done on your time John. Also thanks for the weather update's before Mondays's marathon.It was great info.
On a side note: This was my 2nd marathon.My 1st was in June.Even though I ran faster in Dublin, I must say I felt the Dublin marathon was alot harder. Non stop up and down until mile 22(I think) ..I was wiped oput..Roll on Cork (i won't be so quick to judge again)..Ger